Gwen Stefani Kicks Off Holiday Season With ‘White Christmas’ at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


Wrapped up in a silver sparkling dress and a sequined headband, the blonde beauty showcased her amazing vocals at the parade, which was held on November 23.

Gwen Stefani decided to bring holiday cheer to the 2017 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which was held on November 23, by performing Christmas classic “White Christmas”. The blonde beauty, clad in a silver sparkling dress and a sequined headband, showcased her incredible vocals along with four female dancers.

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas/ Just like the ones I used to know/ Where the treetops glisten/ And children listen,” she rhymed. “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas/ With every Christmas card I write/ May your days be merry and bright/ And may all your Christmas be white.”

Ahead of her performance, Gwen revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she chose her outfit based on what she would fantasize during childhood. “I choose the outfits based on what I would fantasize about when I was eight years old,” she shared. “I feel like an icicle. I actually do feel like an icicle because it’s freezing!”

Speaking about her Thanksgiving plan, the 48-year-old songstress remarked that she would spend it in Oklahoma with her boyfriend Blake Shelton, bringing her family tradition. “We have one where we go around and everybody takes a letter of Thanksgiving, like, T, H,” she explained. “And you make up whatever you’re grateful for and you pass a candle around. So, everybody gets really creative.”

Gwen was not the only one who brought holiday spirit to the parade. Elsewhere at the event, Disney darling Olivia Holt also kicked off the holiday season with a rendition of “Christmas Baby, Please Come Home”. Wrapped up in a leopard-printed fur coat, Olivia sang the song on a Christmas-themed float.

Jimmy Fallon also hit the stage at the parade, singing a cover of Prince’s hit song “Let’s Go Crazy” along with The Roots. Jimmy did his best to entertain the crowd, but Prince’s fans thought that Jimmy ruined the song. A fan tweeted, “Jimmy performing Prince in a jokey way is all kinds of wrong.”

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