Harvey Weinstein: Dustin Diamond plays movie mogul in TENLo music video

Screech is his name, though it’s also the sound some viewers may make when they see Dustin Diamond playing Harvey Weinstein in the new music video from rock band TENLo.

The former Saved By the Bell actor transformed into the disgraced Hollywood producer for the group’s single, “Kill All the Things.” Like the title suggests, Diamond’s Weinstein was put to death. After snorting what looks to be cocaine in a hotel bathroom and shooting shots of liquor at the bar, the movie mogul is lured into a hotel room by a nun, played by actress Kelly Cunningham (Badsville).

TENLo’s video, directed by Joshua Mendez, depicts what some women have detailed in accusations against Weinstein. Though, this one has a more vengeful ending. It seems the woman plans to seduce him, but then blood splatters across her face as she repeatedly stabs the man who’s been marred by decades of sexual harassment and assault claims. (Weinstein has denied any claim of nonconsensual sex.)

According to TMZ, which premiered the video, TENLo bandmates Joey Zak and TomE LaBrosse reached out to Diamond about the Weinstein angle for the project. After they got him on board, the sequences were shot in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Watch Diamond as Weinstein in the video above.

Source: http://ew.com/music/2017/12/26/dustin-diamond-harvey-weinstein-tenlo-video/

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