Iggy Azalea Goes Wild After Seeing Missy Elliott's Praise Of Her New Song 'Kream'

Iggy Azalea and Tyga’s collaboration ‘Kream’ is already a huge hit, but praise from Missy Elliott seems to be icing on the cake

Iggy Azalea is back and on fire with her new song “Kream” and people are loving this wild new single she put together with Tyga. Much of the time, it would seem that Azalea is confident and unable to be flustered, but it turns out that’s not always the case. She caught up to praise from a fellow musician on Monday and shared her love for the support via her Instagram Stories.

Australian singer Iggy Azalea and American rapper Tyga collaborated on the new song “Kream” and it is getting a lot of play already. The music video has already garnered more than 8 million views on YouTube and it took only three days to hit that mark. Fans of Iggy’s are going crazy over the song, but it looks like they aren’t the only ones.

In a new Instagram Story, Azalea shared a screenshot and it referenced comments from Missy Elliott about “Kream.” It looks like this started with a tweet over the weekend where one person on Twitter referenced a quote from Iggy praising Missy along with Lil’ Kim. Azalea said that she’s lucky she’s had those ladies, whom she’s idolized, supporting her.

The quote originally came from an interview Azalea did with ABC News back in 2016. Over the weekend, Elliott saw the tweet and replied to the post saying that it was very sweet of Iggy to say that and she sent her love out to Azalea. Soon someone on Twitter asked Missy if she had heard Iggy and Tyga’s new song, and she said that she had and that it was “dope.”

KREAM music video is on my VEVO! Thanks everyone who has shown it love, I genuinely feel so surprised & happy that everyone is feeling it. ????

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It didn’t take long for Iggy to catch up to the thread and share the crazy moment via her Instagram Stories. She said that she was fangirling “so hard” over it and she didn’t care if it made her look like a “thirst bucket.” Azalea added that she loves Missy and that she was dead, adding that Elliott is “the female GOAT” to her.

Azalea added a short video clip noting that she had just woken up, but she was going crazy over finding out that Elliott loves her song. She was rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and gave a quick scream to show her excitement.

Missy Elliott and Iggy Azalea have crossed paths more than once over the years when it comes to their music and their fandom. Iggy may be well-established and generating solid hits of her own these days, and it’s clear that her “Kream” collaboration with Tyga is going to be huge. However, fans love that she still can get giggly over others in the industry sharing their praise for her work.

Message???? I can’t stress it enough BELIEVE in YASELF! How u gonna convince somebody else u got what it take if u Doubt yaself???? not gonna happen????????‍♀️ Even if you get turned down it maybe a BLESSING in disguise use that rejection to PUSH HARDER let it fuel you! No don’t mean no for you✔️everyone may not understand your vision????????‍♀️ when it’s your time NO MAN CAN STOP YOU! Push through????????????????????

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