Joey Lawrence Spotted With Pricey Car After Bankruptcy

Joey Lawrence was spotted out and about in a pricey car despite closing his bankruptcy case earlier this month.

The actor has apparently settled all the details of his bankruptcy case, but that doesn’t appear to be having any kind of effect on his Hollywood game. TMZ was first to break the news Lawrence got a judge to sign off on his bankruptcy two weeks ago.

Now, the website is reporting he has been seen rolling around town in a brand new Dodge Challenger Hellcat, which retails for around $60k minimum. Lawrence had 2014 Bentley, a 2016 BMW i8, and a 2015 Ford Flex at one point too. However, they all got reposed when he was having financial difficulties.

Plus, he dropped by Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Monday night. The restaurant alone is quite a pricey night out, but throw the car into the mix and it looks like the former child actor has financially rebounded quite nicely.

Last year, the Blossom alum and his wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson filed bankruptcy paperwork. At the time of filing the couple claimed to have $8,000 in the bank, but had accumulated more than $356,000 worth of liabilities. The actor said their financial situation suffered due to his show Melissa and Joey getting canceled in 2015. The difference of income after that year caused the family to fall on hard times.

In terms of his Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, what that means exactly is not all of his debt was paid. A trustee recouped assets from Lawrence and then negotiated with creditors to accept a certain payment amount. It is a lot of legal jargon, but the point is the case is over.

But remember, the bankruptcy does not go away. It will stay on his and his wife credit for years. Yes, his debt is now gone, but there are still lasting ramifications to filing bankruptcy, even if the actor is making it look otherwise.

A new car and dinner at an expensive Los Angeles restaurant appear to say Joey Lawrence is doing just fine now that his bankruptcy case is behind him. What do you think about the actor filing bankruptcy then having an expensive night out?

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