Kim Kardashian Ran On No Sleep To Run Post-Oscar Carpool

Kim Kardashian ditched the Oscars early to be up in time to take the kids to school.

Third-time mom Kim Kardashian opened up about living the celebrity life with three kids on Tuesday at the MDNA x KKW Beauty event in Los Angeles. The event brought both Kim and Madonna together to talk about both of their beauty brands as well as celebrate the launch of MDNA’s newest skin product, The Reinvention Cream.

And while the two Hollywood heavy-hitters certainly spoke at length about the importance of moisturizing, they also swapped stories about Sunday’s Oscar party and how it completely ruined Kim’s normal morning routine.

“My mornings are madness,” Kim admitted. “Sometimes I get up at like 5 to work out before I take the kids to school. That’s usually what I do. I work out at like 5:30, 5:45, and get home by 7. I just go next door to my mom’s house — she lives next door on my street, across the street, so I just run over there and work out in her gym.”

Madonna, unsure if such an hour as 5 AM even existed, was incredulous. “Wait, how do you do it so early?”

“I’ve just trained myself,” Kim replied.

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But of course, the Oscars run late. Way late. While the award ceremony usually raps around 10 PM, the after party can go until the crack of dawn. Kim would normally be right there partying it up with the hottest celebs, but the 37-year-old mother of three had things to do in the morning–like take the kids to school.

“I took one for the team and left early,” Kim said with a sigh.

So, after leaving the party around 3 AM, Kim got home in time for a few hours sleep before waking up at 7 to take both her and sister Kourtney’s kids to class.

And when prodded by Madonna about her morning workout routine, Kim admitted that she let it slide.

“I moved my day around but I had to do carpool,” she said. “On Sunday we just went out, and Kourtney stayed out until almost 6 and I’m just like, ‘A—hole, I have to take all the kids to school,’ while she’s partying it up.”


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