Shawn Mendes Falling Memes, Jumps Falls On Stage Video

Falling on stage may be some musicians’ nightmare, but here’s the thing — it happens to the best of ’em! Countless celebrities, including Harry Styles, Michael Clifford, Selena Gomez and Normani, have all taken tumbles during performances, but nobody’s spill had quite the effect as Shawn Mendes‘.

The 19-year-old crooner was performing at a festival in Quebec, Canada, over the weekend when he got a little too caught up in the moment and basically thought he could fly. The “In My Blood” crooner was trying to jump to the lower level of the stage when adrenaline (or perhaps his bird instincts???) got the best of him and he COMPLETELY wiped out as soon as his feet hit the ground.

The tumble looked quite painful, but Shawn quickly got up and continued singing, proving that he wasn’t injured in the on-stage mishap. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), people started to make HILARIOUS memes of the moment as soon as a video hit Twitter (and they confirmed that he was okay, of course).

Remember the time Lady Gaga jumped off the roof at the Super Bowl and created a meme-lover’s paradise? Picture that, but maybe even funnier.

Gwen Stefani would be proud

Honestly can’t stop laughing

Too real

That’s gotta hurt

Who Knew Shawn was in the “NTLTK” music video?!


Exclusive leaked footage of the “Fallin’ All in You” music video


This is legit how Shawn entered the world

Too late

James Charles is sister shaking

Not literally!

Hannah Montana, anyone?

Gotta blast!


You can do anything you put your mind to

*world collectively jumps*

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