So, Will Smith is jumping out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon with Tom Cruise after YouTubers called him out

Let it never be said that the Fresh Prince will refuse to take on a challenge – because the latest one he’s taking on is a bit of a doozy.

Yes, that headline is no joke, people: Will Smith really is about to jump out of a helicopter over the grand canyon with Tom Cruise, in response to a challenge laid down by YouTubers Yes Theory, whose aim is (in part) to face fears head-on.

It all started last month when Yes Theory challenged Will Smith to join them for a heli-bungee (helicopter bungee jump, naturally), as a celebration of him being such a positive and inspiring role model.

And while it may have taken a week (and some serious research) for Will Smith to respond, he’s accepted their challenge… and he has a few extra conditions too:

“One, we do it for charity,” Will outlined in the video. “Two, we do it after I finish shooting my movie (cuz I don’t wanna be in breach of my movie contract – I can’t be jumping out no helicopter when I got a movie).

“And three, most important, non-negotiable, we do it over the Grand Canyon.”

But the biggest surprise of the whole (completely brilliant) video – seriously, watch all of it – is the final 30 seconds when Will starts to get plans into motion by putting in a phone call to the King of Movie Stunts and Dangerous Situations, Tom Cruise.

“TC!” he says. “Hey, you know how to fly a helicopter, right?”

Yep, looks like Tom Cruise is coming along for the heli-bungee ride too.

The jump itself will be taking place later this year, with more details and fundraising information sure to follow over the next couple of weeks.

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