Amazon’s feud with Google is getting pettier than ever

You can’t fire us — we quit!

Amazon blocked the YouTube app on its line of Fire TV devices on Thursday — four days before Google was scheduled to strip it from Amazon’s platform in a lingering tiff between the tech giants.

Now, users who try to access the YouTube app on their Fire TV are prompted to visit the YouTube website through the Fire TV’s web browser.

It is the latest — and possibly pettiest — maneuver in the long-running feud between the two companies that started in 2015 when Amazon dropped the Google Chromecast from its online store.

At the time, Amazon claimed it was looking to avoid possible confusion that could be caused by selling items on its site that don’t play Prime Video. But as recently as this month, Amazon got caught putting Fire TV sticks in the carts of customers who told their Alexa voice assistant they wanted to order the Chromecast (paywall).

Earlier this month, Google yanked YouTube from Amazon’s Echo Show device and from Fire TV, but later brought it back as it said the companies were engaged in “productive discussions.”

Whether or not those talks are ongoing is unclear — Amazon last week began selling the Chromecast again, but has yet to make Prime Video available for the gadget.

In a statement to The Post, an Amazon spokesperson declined to comment on the state of the discussions and the future of its relationship with Google.

“YouTube and millions of other websites are accessible by using a web browser like Firefox or Silk on Fire TV,” the spokesperson said.


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