Facebook Goes Down In Apparent Global Outage, People Respond With Hilarious Tweets

Facebook, one of the world’s most visited websites and the largest social media website is facing a massive global outage as we file this report. According to Downdetector, a website that takes in user generated data to confirm whether or not a web service is down, there has been a huge spike in the number of reports globally about Facebook being down. Several people were also seen commenting in the comments section of the website – confirming the outage. Those who faced the outage were initially presented with a screen that looked like this.

Facebook outage screenshot
This is what showed up when most users tried to login to Facebook earlier today. [Image by Screenshot/Rahul Srinivas]

This was confirmed on Twitter by several other users as well.

Some reports said only a few countries were affected.

Needless to say, people had a field day on Twitter and other platforms joking about the outage.

Meanwhile, the site seems to be limping back to normalcy as we file this report with several people now commenting that Facebook is now back up. When we checked, we were able to access the website, but only posts older than 8 hours were visible. This, however, could be a temporary glitch and could be resolved very soon. Comments on DownDetector also confirm that people are now able to access Facebook. However, on Twitter, people are still tweeting with the Facebook Down and #Facebookdown hashtag.

There has been no official word from Facebook so far about the outage and the cause behind it. We do, however, expect the company to come up with a statement soon. It is very unusual for Facebook to go down on a large scale. It has, however, happened in the past. Back in 2010, there was a massive global Facebook outage which lasted for over 2.5 hours. This outage had prompted Facebook to come up with a detailed post explaining what had happened.

This is a developing story. Please check back later for updates.

[Featured Image By Gerlat/Pixabay]

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