Flat Earth conspiracy theorists trolled by famous physicist on YouTube

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a world-renowned physicist who recently sat down to chat with Stephen Hawking about what took place before the Big Bang.

Now he’s taken aim at the Flat Earth conspiracy theory in a new interview on YouTube.

Speaking on his StarTalk channel, he uses some pretty empirical logic to shoot down the idea that that world is flat.

Stand-up comedian Chuck Nice, who handles the interview, opens up with the question: is the Earth flat?

"We have video from space of the rotating, spherical Earth. The Earth is round," responds Tyson.

The physicist goes on to explain that, because of the way the universe works, most things are spherical. Planets form in spheres because gravity pulls their mass inwards.

Helped by the internet, the idea that the Earth is flat is more popular than people give it credit for.

In November, hundreds of people attended the first Flat Earth International Conference in North Carolina, USA.

They believe that NASA, along with the world’s governments are covering up the fact that Earth is actually just a disc hanging suspended in space.

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