LG V20 Helps Company Hit 20 Percent Market Share In US, How Will The G6 Fare Against The Galaxy S8 In Q2?

The release of the LG G6 was outshined by the Samsung Galaxy S8, but that does not mean that the latter is instantly the better choice. The LG flagship can actually hold its ground against the Samsung smartphone, which is undoubtedly more popular and has more fans.

Although the world is talking mostly about the Galaxy S8, LG is surprisingly having a wonderful week also due to its large market share in Q1. Will the G6 continue the trend?

Galaxy Note 7 Recall Helped LG Big Time

LG suffers from the same scenario over and over again. Its flagships are always overshadowed by other competitors, particularly by Samsung’s flagships. It doesn’t matter which is released first. The latter will always get the world talking.

The LG V20 helped LG get 20 percent market share in Q1 2017
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The Galaxy Note 7 was released earlier than the LG V20, but it was still the talk of the town even after the latter was launched. Still, LG’s bet trailed close behind the Note 7. That’s why when the phablet met its demise due to its faulty batteries, the LG V20 took the chance to shine.

It greatly helped in LG’s latest victory. The South Korean company now holds 20 percent market share in the U.S. in the first quarter after selling 7.3 million units in that time. It’s a close second to Samsung’s 24.6 percent share, but both still lagged behind Apple with 34.5 percent share.

Aside from the LG V20, the huge boost in sales can also be attributed to the K and X series of the tech company, 9to5 Google reports. This just proves that LG handsets have the potential to take over the worldwide market, if only more people paid more attention to it.

Can The LG G6 Sustain These Numbers?

However, LG’s increase in sales was largely due to the absence of a Samsung flagship. Q1 2017 year was particularly uneventful for Samsung as it’s the first quarter without the Galaxy Note 7 and a smartphone flagship. Now the Galaxy S8 has arrived, which might spell the early end to LG’s celebration.

Even so, LG also released its challenger this quarter, the LG G6. It will still be quite a while before we see official numbers for both flagships, but we can already say that the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8 are off to a very strong start.

In fact, the LG G6 is doing surprisingly well against the Galaxy S8. In terms of design, the Samsung flagship obviously kills it with the Infinity Display, but the LG’s is also quite the looker. Its back may even be better than the Galaxy in looks and function since the fingerprint scanner is comfortably placed under the camera.

Inside the G6, we have the Snapdragon 821 chip – a disappointment because the S8 has a Snapdragon 835 processor, which allows it to run longer and deliver better VR performance. So if those are your priorities in a smartphone, the LG may not be for you. Nevertheless, it offers good enough performance for your day to day tasks.

In the camera department is where things get interesting. The LG G6 sports a 13-megapixel dual-camera set-up that takes great photos that even beat the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, per Tom’s Guide. On the other hand, the Galaxy S8 has a 12-megapixel dual-pixel camera (not dual cameras, mind you) that is also a winner. Although it does not have optical zoom, it can still compete with LG’s.

The Galaxy S8 is looking to be the victor here, but the LG G6 has one more trick up its sleeves. It is priced between $650 to $720, cheaper than the S8 at $720 to $750. If a hundred bucks is a big deal to you, you’re better off with the G6, which is better value for money.

A couple of months more and we’ll see how the LG G6 fared against the Samsung Galaxy S8 in Q2. Tune in for updates.

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