NASA reveals the brutal tests its crash dummies go through

NASA has revealed footage of the brutal tests its crash dummies go through at its Langley Research Centre.

The dummies are used to test planes and space exploration vehicles, to make sure they’re safe for humans.

The crash tests allow researchers to see how the human body would bend or break under different crash conditions.

Each dummy is fitted with various sensors and instruments before being strapped into the seat of an aircraft or spacecraft.

NASA researchers then purposefully crash the vehicle, and analyse the sensor data from the dummy to see how it was affected.

Martin Annett, a structural dynamics engineer at the Langley Research Centre, said: “Everything that you want to know about injury occurs anywhere from one-tenth to four-tenths of a second [during impact].

“We have to be able to capture a lot of data within that time-frame.”

The data collected from the crash tests can then be used to refine the safety equipment worn by humans.

Mr Annett added: "When we get the data back, we want to use that data to evaluate whether certain suit requirements are met, or certain helmet requirements are met, in the case of the astronaut."

While the tests look pretty brutal, NASA reassures that by using dummies, it ensure that any humans flying in the vehicles in the future will be safe.

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