OnePlus 5 Seemingly Gets Confirmed As Rumors Point To 4 Cameras, 8GB RAM, Ceramic Window And Hardware Button

Details about the OnePlus 5 continue to emerge as fans of the upcoming mobile device anticipate the release of the 2017 flagship killer. With leaks and rumors trickling in at a steady pace, it appears that the upstart smartphone manufacturer is gearing up for a launch that is far sooner than what was initially expected. Apart from this, new leaks about the device appeared to confirm some persistent speculations about the OP5.

One of the most interesting clues that have been posted by the smartphone maker involves what seems to be a confirmation of rumors surrounding the device’s name. Uploaded on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, the official OnePlus account posted an image featuring the words “Hello 5,” which many fans of the upcoming device have interpreted as a confirmation of speculations stating that the device would be christened the OnePlus 5 instead of the OnePlus 4. Rumors about the OP5 moniker have been around for months, though this is the first time that the speculations appear to have been directly confirmed by the tech firm.

Apart from what appears to be a confirmation of the OnePlus 5 name, a series of leaked images that seemed to feature the design of the upcoming device have surfaced online. The leaked images were hand-drawn and detailed, outlining several key aspects of the smartphone and a handful of new design cues that are quite new to the OnePlus 5 rumor mill. While the hand-drawn images were met with some criticism from netizens, GSM Arena stated that the design of the OnePlus One, the first device of the upstart smartphone manufacturer, was leaked in the same manner. Thus, there is a fair chance that the leaked hand-drawn OnePlus 5 sketches are accurate.

One thing that is immediately noticeable from the hand-drawn designs of the OnePlus 5 is the device’s dual-camera systems, both on the front and back of the smartphone. Rumors of a dual rear sensor have been around for a while, though this is the first time that a dual front camera configuration has been teased. In many ways, two front cameras on the device would be a welcome upgrade for OnePlus users, especially considering that mobile photography is something that the smartphone manufacturer is yet to master.

OnePlus definitely has the technology to pull off a dual front camera configuration, especially since Oppo, the upstart manufacturer’s sister company, has recently released the Oppo F3, a selfie-driven smartphone that boasts powerful dual front sensors. The dual front cameras are not all that was teased in the leaked OP5 hand-drawn sketches, however, as the images also revealed a ceramic plate that would serve as a window to the upcoming device’s dual camera module. The design invokes many cues from the Google Pixel’s trademark rear glass plate, and it has so far polarized fans of the flagship killer.

A physical button, dubbed in the sketches as a notification slider, was also included in the leaked OnePlus 5 designs. Similar to the iPhone’s iconic physical Ring/Silent Switch, the physical button in the OnePlus 5 would most likely serve a similar purpose. With the inclusion of this feature, users of the device would be able to silence their smartphones without even turning on its display.

The specs of the OnePlus 5 have always been rumored to be extremely robust and powerful, with numerous speculations stating that the upcoming smartphone would be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. While the device’s processor of choice remains to be a mystery, a recent screenshot leak appears to have confirmed the memory and storage of the smartphone, according to an Android Pure report. Needless to say, the leaked image teased that the OnePlus 5 would be nothing short of a monster when it comes to raw memory and storage, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. If the OnePlus 5 does release with these specs out of the box, even the Android market’s biggest names such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 might find themselves on the defensive this year.

The OnePlus 5’s release date remains unknown, though the teaser that has emerged from the official Chinese Weibo account appears to indicate that the debut of the upcoming device might be held sooner than expected. Pricing for the OnePlus 5 remains unknown as well, though speculations are high that the device would still keep its sub-$500 price range.

[Featured Image by OnePlus]


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