Scientist trains AI to write Love Hearts messages – it doesn’t go well

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day , Love Hearts sweets have been appearing in shops across the country for eager lovers to buy their partners.

The sweets typically contain simple messages such as ‘Kiss Me’, ‘Real Love’ and ‘Dreamy Boy.’

Now, one scientist has trained an artificial intelligence system to come up with Love Hearts messages – albeit with very mixed results.

Dr Janelle Shane, a research scientist in optics, collected genuine heart messages and gave them to a learning algorithm called a neural network.

Writing on her blog , Dr Shane said: "Given a set of data, a neural network will learn the patterns that let it imitate the original data – although its imitation is sometimes imperfect.

"The candy heart messages it produced…well, you be the judge."

The AI produced some messages that would pass as genuine, including ‘Love Bun’, ‘My Bear’ and ‘Dear Me.’

Others were in the same spirit but didn’t quite make sense, such as ‘You A Love’, ‘Heart Me’ and ‘Fancy My Her.’

And some of the messages were frankly bizarre, including ‘Sweat Poo’, ‘Love 2000 Hogs Yea’ and ‘Dooo Me.’

Dr Shane added: "There was yet another category of message, a category you might be able to predict given the prevalence of four-letter words in the original dataset.

"The neural network thought of some nice new four-letter words to use.

"Unfortunately, some of those words already had other meanings. Let’s just say that the overall effect was surprisingly suggestive."


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