Wrinkles around your eyes help to convey more intense and sincere emotions

While many people get Botox in the hopes of getting rid of wrinkles, a new study suggests that losing your lines could actually be a bad idea.

Researchers from the University of Miami have found that wrinkles around the eyes help to convey more intense and sincere emotions.

These wrinkles, known as Duchenne markers, appear across many facial expressions, including smiles and frowns.

Professor Daniel Messinger, who led the study, said: “Since Darwin, scientists have wondered if there is a language of facial expression, a key set of what we call facial actions which have simple, basic meanings.

“This research suggests one key to this language is constriction of the eyes, which appears to intensify both positive and negative expressions.”

In the study, the researchers showed participants computer-generated avatars – one with the Duchenne marker, and one without.

Participants were asked to rate the facial expressions on a scale for intensity and sincerity.

The results revealed that participants ranked the faces with wrinkles as more sincere than those without.

Professor Messinger added: “We have been investigating this hypothesis for more than a decade and finding strong support that eye constriction intensifies positive and negative expression in infants, with others finding support for the intensification hypothesis in children.

”This is the first study addressing this issue in adults since Darwin’s provocative observations."

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