Anthony Joshua labelled as a 'sexist' on social media after admitting he's stricter with his niece than his son as she "will be someone’s wife"

Boxing’s biggest household-name and housewives favourite was called out by the American WBC champ on Sunday morning after he flattened Louis Ortiz in a thrilling New York fight.

But he was attacked from a very different angle when he admitted he is more strict with his young niece than he is with his own son in a 2017 interview that has been dug up.

In an interview with GQ magazine, when the IBF and WBA boss was asked if he is a strict dad, he said: “I don’t think I’m that strict with Joseph, I don’t know why.

“But with my niece I am strict. I think it is because she is older.

“But he’s also a boy – he’s going to be a man’s man, he’ll want to spread his winds, be Jack-the-lad, build his character. But I am sure there will be things I am strict about.

“But, with my niece, none of that Jack-the-lad nonsense for her!

“My view is you have to be a good woman, respectful, one day you will be someone’s wife, you have to learn family morals, what it is to be a good woman.”

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The 28-year-old Olympic golden boy was soon under fire on social media for his comments to the men’s magazine.

Dimma Umeh said: “Anthony Joshua has gone and opened his mouth, he should have closed it.

“Nigerian man, with all his exposure, in 2018, confidently saying he would raise his son to be whoever he wants to be but his niece to be somebody’s wife.”

And Cj Donderici said: “Anthony Joshua you sexist pig. A girl can do exactly what a guy can. And who says she wants to be a wife.

“And don’t talk about morals as you clearly have none. Where are you from, the dark ages?”

And Sarah Donnelly said: “Reading that answer about his niece in the Anthony Joshua interview. Expected better.”

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