Arsenal boss Unai Emery needs to be backed all the way.. he deserves his shot at managing the Gunners

He paid his dues to Arsene Wenger, gave a nod in the direction of Arsenal’s playing style and showed respect for their cheesed-off supporters. Good start.

For the man succeeding the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history, this was an impressive way to start his new life in North London.

Emery, fired by Paris Saint-Germain after landing the French treble, said: “Wenger left a very important legacy here, he did some fantastic things, and I want to continue that and contribute something myself.

“The history of the club is very important to me. Arsenal play possession football and, throughout my career, I’ve been a coach who plays with the ball and wants possession.

“We want to be battling for every title — that is in Arsenal’s history and I want that to continue.

“We can be among the best in Europe. I want the fans to be proud.

“Football is a demanding and difficult sport, but what I want is for Arsenal to transmit energy and  emotion to the fans.

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“This stadium has everything we need to get that from the fans and I’m sure we will get that away from home as well.”

Sure thing, Unai, so long as they are winning. This lot were on Wenger’s case for years, remember, demanding change after falling behind Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool,  Tottenham (ouch) and Chelsea in the pecking order.

Emery, who led Sevilla to three successive Europa League triumphs before taking the PSG job, will do well to barge back into the top four with these players.

He has a playing style in mind, a style refined during his formative years as a coach at Lorca Deportiva, Almeria, Valencia and Spartak Moscow.

Arsenal will be “protagonists” in possession and work like dogs when they are without the ball. Manchester City’s B team, basically.

Emery added: “In my career, I have been very demanding. The players are demanding also.

“We will play against all the teams with this personality. The history here is that they love playing with possession. I like that personality, I like these protagonists.”

Sounds good in theory. What Emery inherits is a group of players who had it cushty in the final, excruciating years of Wenger’s spell at the Emirates.

Emery’s record suggests he is worth a shot at establishing a new world order. He got a raw deal at PSG.

Here, he spoke with enthusiasm, excited about the prospect of managing a club with Arsenal’s heritage.

His career has followed a similar trajectory to Wenger, working his way through football’s lesser lights before his coaching career took off in Seville.

Emery came off second best to the players at PSG, given the boot because he could not handle a dressing room full of egos, including Neymar and Edinson Cavani.

Speaking of which, he plans talks with Mesut Ozil when the £350,000-a-week star returns from the World Cup with Germany sometime in July.

Emery said: “Ozil is one of the biggest talents and I want talented players. I want to spend time with them, speak to them about how inspired I am and how excited I am. This is a wonderful project and we need to give 100 per cent.

“I am looking forward to a shared experience. You get the famous egos in football, but that is true of top players and players who are not so good.

“I’m a coach who came from the second division, gone through to the first division, coached at PSG and then on to Arsenal.”

Now that he is here, it is time to bring back the glory days.

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