Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is astonishingly compared to a flight attendant following win over Cologne!

For the Frenchman, famous for his stylish coats, looked pretty in neon pink in his latest get-up. And didn’t Twitter love it.

Wenger won roars of applause – and some ridicule – for his touchline garb as the Gunners set about beating Cologne 3-1 in the Europe League.

He striking colour choice stood out on a night full of fan frenzy, some of it extremely nasty as 20,000 away supporters laid siege on the stadium.

Cologne were only allocated 3,000 seats and the match was delayed by an hour whilst police and Arsenal officials tried to sort out the mess.

Once the action started, all eyes were on Wenger as he took his place alongside coach Steve Bould in the dug-out.

His colourful collar and lapels stuck out for all to see… the latest in a long line of touchline fashion fests.

Over the years Wenger has made the headlines with a series of different coats.

Remember the jacket that seemingly continued to grow in length as the season pressed on?

And there have been various zip episodes from failing to finding it to getting it stuck.

Wenger wore a coast that seemed to get longer and longer as the season progressed

Wenger wore a coat that seemed to get longer and longer as the season progressed

Arsene Wenger talks about the Cologne fan violence and Arsenal’s Europa League comeback

And who can forget his famous zip, episode?

And who can forget his famous ‘zip’ episode?

Plus the pocket he just couldn’t find it.

Whatever happens on the pitch, and whatever his legacy when he does decide to retire, Wenger will always be remembered for his coats and jackets.

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