Arsenal investor Alisher Usmanov could be blacklisted by US over ties to Russia’s Vladimir Putin

ARSENAL investor Alisher Usmanov could be placed on a US blacklist over allegations of corrupt ties to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Usmanov, Britain’s fifth richest man with an estimated fortune of almost £12billion, has been accused by leading American senators of donating a £60million mansion to Putin’s deputy Prime Minister.

Usmanov won a recent Moscow libel case against an opposition MP who made those allegations and insists he has done nothing wrong.

But that has not prevented his name being forwarded by four Republic senators asking for the Uzbek billionaire to be included on the oligarchs’ blacklist being compiled by the US State Department.

The list is due to be published next week and could lead to future financial sanctions for anyone included.


The news comes at the same time as Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has strengthened his power by paying £616,000 for another 22 club shares.

The purchase increases Kroenke’s Arsenal stake to 67.09per cent while Usmanov, who owns 30 per cent, continues to be denied a place on the Emirates board.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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