Baseball fan catches ball in cup of beer while holding mobile phone… before necking pint

The brunette was in the upper tier of the Atlanta Braves' 14-1 thrashing of the San Diego Padres when Braves ace Ender Inciarte clipped a foul ball behind him and into the stands.

And cameras picked up the ball as it soared towards the posh seats, before the thrilled woman expressed her joy.

The woman, who was later identified as Gabby DiMarco then grabbed her beer cup and downed the contents, cheered on by the Petco Park faithful in San Diego.

She took a few seconds to get going with her chug, but she got into her stride and polished off the pint. Home run!

And Twitter was not short of a compliment for Di Marco's antics, as they expressed their admiration for the baseball fan.

Sarah Eishen said: "If her social media accounts aren't 100 per cent private, she'll have eleventy-billion marriage proposals by morning."

James replied: "I'm meeting my divorce attorney tomorrow."

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Jordan Harris said: "Some lucky guy is gonna wife her."

San Diego resident DiMarco told "It bounced from behind me, I was trying to catch it and it landed in my cup."

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