Baseball star Carlos Gomez flops for Tampa Bay Rays… so smashes water cooler into pieces with bat in frustration

Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carlos Gomez is having a terrible season with a bat in his hand on the field, and decided to vent his anger on the cooler instead.

Gomez, 32, was livid about a call from the home plate umpire, claiming a pitch had hit him on the hand – for which he would have been awarded first base.

But ump Chris Segal disagreed, and when Gomez struck out a few pitches later, Gomez could not hold in his anger any longer.

Returning to the dugout, he took his bat and smashed up a water cooler, before doing the same to another one on the team steps with his fists.

The coolers definitely came out second best, with some fans thinking the sprinklers had come on with water flying everywhere.

After the game, Gomez told that the moment 'got the best of him'.

He said: "We are human, we can get mad.

"It's not (that) we're not professional, it's that moment.

"Sometimes you get a moment where you get frustrated."

Gomez, who will earn £3million ($4m) with the Rays in 2018, is no stranger to such outbursts. In April he snapped his bat over his knee after a strikeout, but then hit the game-winning home run and celebrated wildly around the bases, with a video showing the differing reactions going viral.

The Dominican Republic-born player has represented the New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers as well as the Rays in his major league career.

Once rated as one of the biggest talents in the sport, Gomez was a two-time All Star with Milwaukee, but has declined rapidly in the past few years.

His career earnings will hit $50m (£37.7m) after this season but he has bounced around the league since his last All Star year, 2014, and his temperament is naturally a concern.

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The Rays are one of baseball's poorest and worst-supported clubs, and have not had a winning season snice 2013, also the last year they made the play-offs. 

They play in the same division as giants New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, making an already difficult prospect that much harder.

The Rays are likely to leave Tampa soon, as attendances continue to dwindle at their home stadium, Tropicana Field.

Gomez, released by Texas last winter and likely to be a free agent again after this season, is doing his best to bring the fans back however with entertaining displays such as this.

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