Billy Joe Saunders promises David Lemieux his entire fight purse if he gets knocked out

BILLY JOE SAUNDERS has told Canadian challenger David Lemieux he will give him his enstire fight purse if he is knocked out this week.

WBO middleweight champion Saunders will defend his strap for a third time against Lemieux this Saturday.

Billy Joe Saunders has vowed to give up his fight purse if he is KO'd

And the Hertfordshire hitter is going to Lemieux’s back yard near Montreal in Canada.

It is the first time Saunders has fought outside the UK in his 25 fights as a professional boxer.

Saunders, 28, told Lemieux: “My chin will hold up. I promise you that.

“That’s one thing I promise you – my chin will definitely hold up.

Saunders is fighting aborad for the first time in his 25-bout pro career

“If it don’t, you can have my purse. How about that? No problem.

Lemieux, also 28, replied immediately with: “OK. I’ll keep that in mind for after the fight.”

Saunders added: “Keep that in mind, because you’ll need it.

“Because you’re only getting a small one this time, aren’t you?”

Saunders takes on Artur Akavov of Russia in 2016

Lemieux said: “OK, we got you in Canada, at least.”

Saunders snapped: “At least it’s a ring, isn’t it? You got me in Canada.

“All this is a little bit of motivation to smack you up and then go and do what I’ve gotta do after. So that’s all good.”


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