England ace Kyle Walker admits he wees in Manchester City showers after matches

The Manchester City defender made the admission in a tongue-in-cheek promotional video for a deodorant — and insisted all his teammates do it too.

Kyle’s confession came as he was asked a series of questions while hooked up to a lie detector.

The 28-year-old was asked by a female interviewer called Amelia: “Do you ever wee in the team shower?” Walker replied: “Yeah.” When Amelia said it was “really disgusting,” Kyle protested: “I’m not the only one.”

Amelia said: “What, you all communally wee?” Kyle laughed as he replied: “It just goes down the drain, don’t it? You just put a bit of shower gel and you’re fine.”

He posted footage of the interview to his 1.16million Twitter followers, with the message: “I swear this lie detector was rigged!”

One fan said Kyle seemed more tickled with his shower antics than City’s record breaking Premier League title.

He added: “Kyle you sound more than proud of that than reaching 100 points.”

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