Ex-Yankees pitcher hid out to pounce on mail thieves: cops

When it came to local mailbox thieves, the residents of a Macon, Ga., neighborhood were lucky former Yankees pitcher Kevin Brown had years of practice catching hitters by surprise.

Two people were arrested in the area Wednesday after Brown, now 13 years removed from the majors, scanned the area from a hiding spot and pounced on the criminals in action, the Miami Herald reported.

Brown reportedly hid in a neighbor’s yard with the intention of catching the thieves after multiple people had complained of stolen mail. Officers arrived at the scene to find Brown holding a 15-year-old boy and man at gunpoint outside of his home, according to the newspaper, with his mailbox left open from the act.

Brown, 53, played 19 seasons in the MLB (1986-2005), with his six All-Star appearances scattered over stints with four different teams (Rangers, Marlins, Padres and Dodgers). The right-hander picked up several accolades during his career, including a no-hitter during the 1997 season with the Marlins and a World Series championship the same year.

Brown, who boasts a 211-144 career record and 3.28 ERA, played his final seasons with the Yankees — with one historically forgettable start in Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS that cemented the Yankees’ collapse against the Red Sox — before retiring due to injury.

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