FA Cup final: I'm a Chelsea fan but thinking of selling my ticket to go to Royal Wedding street party instead

Fast forward to the Abramovich era we find ourselves in now, and most Chelsea FC fans usually couldn't give a hoot about it. But after not qualifying for the Champions League for next season, it's now a different story!

The Wembley showpiece this Saturday is the last chance of winning some silverware, making it not a total shambles of a season.

Being a Chelsea fan through the good and bad times, I would always look forward to the third round draw and the prospect of playing at Wembley for the finale of the season, and it was something all fans wanted.

But in recent years I feel going for the title and Champions League football have been the main priority and overshadowed the FA Cup.

I can't help but think that even if Chelsea are victorious at Wembley against Jose Mourinho's Manchester side, the season will still feel like a flop to Russian owner Roman Abramovich.

With the recent level of play under Conte and the many underlying issues going on behind the scenes, I'm wondering if I shouldn't just sell my ticket and go to a street party for the Royal Wedding instead!

The Premier League now is so lucrative, and the Champions League is such a gigantic carrot for more money and TV deals, that you can't blame owners like Abramovich wanting to see results and going to any lengths to get them.

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Hearing that we could be in for Mauricio Pochettino came out of the blue. I do not deny he has done magnificent things for Spurs, but he's never won a title nor any silverware, and Roman is a man who needs results.

With the way Chelsea football club is currently set up, I can't see Mauricio wanting to step in, and no matter how annoyed he is with Daniel Levy – I can't believe he would do that the Spurs fans unless he hates Tottenham as we like to claim Willian does.

It would be the scandal of the year possibly even the decade if he made the switch!

Chelsea FC is a club well known for having an outstanding youth team, yet they never see the first team. Could the Poch be the man to change all that?

I highly doubt it, but something seriously needs to give or else we will continue to have the same problems over and over, no matter who takes over after Conte leaves.

Reports say that Abramovich is looking for Pochettino to come in on a long-term plan and I would love Chelsea to have some stability and not change our managers over and over.


So I only hope that he will start to take the future of Chelsea FC a little more seriously and not just want to throw the best celebration parties.

I think investing in our future is a much better option especially to set us up with homegrown players ready for the new stadium. I hope then we can get over this whole one-season-on-one season-off-then-sacked pattern we seem to be going through at the moment.

Hopefully, the Blues can get back their winning form and pick up that trophy.

Tonight I'll be hoping I can pick up some Silverware of my own at The Football Blogging Awards, where I'm a nominee for The Best Football Influencer Award – wish me luck!

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