Historic talks between North Korea and South Korea are going so smoothly the nations are considering a joint ice hockey team for the Winter Olympics next month

NORTH KOREA and South Korea are considering putting out a JOINT ice hockey team for next month's Winter Olympics, as talks between the two nations progress, according to reports.

North Korea's International Olympics Committee are reportedly mulling over the South's proposal for a united women's hockey team in the PyeongChang Games.

South Korea's unification ministry claim they have no knowledge of the matter – with the sports and tourism ministry echoing that sentiment.

However, on Friday, a senior official in the nation claimed Seoul is hoping to form the joint squad for the games held in South Korea in February.

Historic talks between the two nations have been progressing at a rate of knots in recent weeks.

First of all, officials from the North and South were seen shaking hands in the "neutral" ground of the Demilitarised Zone.

After that, a North Korean spokesperson revealed they would be sending athletes down for the Winter Olympic Games in the South.

South Korea's ambassador to the UK, Joomkook Hwang, recently even suggested the Winter Games could be a turning point in relations between the two nations.

He claimed: "I believe we can make the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics the turning point in de-escalating tension in the Korean peninsula and engaging in a direct dialogue and exchanges with the North, and further creating an environment conducive to more serious negotiations on nuclear and ballistic missile issues."

Meanwhile, South Korea’s Deputy Unification Minister Chun Hae-sung called the Games a potential "peace festival".

He added: “We have experienced power of the people and we have an understanding that the inter-Korean relations should be headed to establish reconciliation and peace.

“We have high expectations that the Olympics turn out to be a peace festival with special guests from the North.

Earlier this month, the North historically agreed to hold military talks with their neighbours in the South, in a desperate big to end the long-running stand-off.

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