Jose Mourinho’s tattoo artist reveals how ‘The Special One’ owed his wife a tattoo after initially bottling out of getting it done

THE London tattoo artist who inked Jose Mourinho’s wrist tattoo has revealed how the Man United boss initially lost his bottle getting work done.

Fulham Tattoo Centre owner Scott Maclaren, 30, gave the Portuguese manager a tattoo of the nicknames of his wife and kids in 2013.

Jose Mourinho

But Jose was originally supposed to get the work done years earlier but chickened out at the last minute, according to Scott.

To make it up to missus Matilde Faria, Jose made a dash to Fulham after coming back from a preseason tour in the US with Chelsea.

Scott Maclaren

He surprised her at home with the tat and all was forgiven!

Scott revealed to SunSport how Mourinho confessed he was supposed to get a tattoo the same time as his wife in LA in 2011.

“Jose’s wife got a tattoo with his name on, and he was supposed to get one with hers,” Scott explained.

Jose Mourinho

“He said he was originally getting it done with her in LA when he was with Real Madrid on preseason.

“But after she got hers done, he chickened out and his wife wasn’t happy with him.

Jose Mourinho

“So, fast-forward two years later and he’s back in LA for preseason with Chelsea.

“A mate of mine works for Chelsea, I’ve done some tattoos for him, and Mourinho asked him where he gets his tattoos designed.

“My mate recommended me, so Mourinho told him to book an appointment for when he came back because he owes his wife!”

Matilde Faria

This time ‘The Special One’ didn’t get cold feet and went straight from preseason with the Blues to the tattoo parlour.

However, Scott admitted Mourinho appeared a little nervous and was very quiet during his appointment.

Jose Mourinho

Scott continued: “The moment Jose got back from preseason, I remember it was a Saturday, he came straight to me.

“He was really nervous, he didn’t say much other than ask if it was going to hurt.

“Another tattoo artist who works with us is Portuguese and they talked about football a bit.

Jose Mourinho

“But he didn’t hang around long, I don’t imagine a tattoo shop is his usual surroundings, and left pretty quickly after he’d finished.

“It was an honour to have him in the shop though and help him smooth things over with his wife.”

As well as tattooing Jose, Scott also designed Eden Hazard’s rose and two cherubs arm tattoo.

Scott revealed how Eden watched football with him while getting his tattoo worked on and laughed off rumours of a Real Madrid move.

Eden Hazard

“The one thing for me is I love football,” Scott said.

“When Eden Hazard came in recently, I put the Man United game on.

“To be fair to Eden he’s got quite good banter. It was cool to see him talk about football like anyone would with their friends at home.

“It was just great to hear a top, top footballer talking about the game while watching it with him.”

Scott continued: “Eden talks openly about football, managers… I asked him, and it was right about when the Real Madrid transfer story was breaking, whether he was going to sign for them.

“It started when he was talking about the kit we were going to be wearing the next season.

“He was asking the kit-man, who was with him, if they were going to wear their new Nike kit for the final game of the season.

“I overheard that and asked him if that meant he was staying, because he was talking about next year’s kit.

“He burst out laughing and gave me a wry smile.”


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