Lewis Hamilton warns title rival Sebastian Vettel he is ‘here for blood’ as he racks up his 200th Formula One Grand Prix in Belgium


Brit is thrilled to notch up the landmark achievement abut insists he has not lost any of his passion to win the world title

The Brit reignites his title fight with Sebastian Vettel at the Belgian GP when racing resumes after a summer break.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton will race in his 200th Grand Prix at Spa

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton will not let the milestone distract him from title race

Hamilton got his holiday adrenalin fix by racing off-road vehicles in Colorado before relaxing in the Bahamas and Cuba.

The 32-year-old is thrilled to notch up the landmark achievement and says he has not lost any of his passion to win the world title.

He said: “The one thing in this second part of the season, the most prominent thing is that I’m here for blood. I’m here to win. I’m here to stay.

“It is strange when you have been racing so long, this is my 200th race, that you’d think the passion and desire to win would fade, but it is stronger than ever. And that’s exciting for me.

“It’s crazy to think that I am reaching that milestone. I still feel young at heart but I have been in F1 a long time.  I am very privileged.

“I remember my first grand prix and now I am at 200.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton trails Sebastian Vettel by 14 points in drivers’ championship

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton reckons his Mercedes car can challenge for title this year

“This sport is a challenge and what I have done is satisfying.

“Of course you have ups and downs and they have enabled me to be in this position and be the man I am today. That’s God’s plan and I am happy with that.”

Hamilton is 14 points adrift of German Vettel. With nine races remaining, the three-time world champion says both he and his Mercedes team are better prepared than ever to cope.

After sportingly swapping places at the finish line with team-mate, Valtteri Bottas in the Hungarian GP, Hamilton says confidence is running high in his camp.

He added: “Every day I wake up and the goal is to win the championship.

Lewis Hamilton shows off his snowboarding skills on the slopes

Sebastian Vettel Ferrari

Hamilton has warned Sebastian Vettel he is ‘here for blood’ in Spa

“Coming into the second half of the season, reliability is something everyone is working hard on.

“Mentally and physically, we have all shown just how unified we are.

“You always want to pretend to yourself how easy this all is — in reality being in F1 is incredibly demanding.

“But you can’t show any weakness.

“I take a lot of inspiration from other top athletes I meet, like Roger Federer or Serena Williams. I look at their experiences. It is so draining but it is what we have chosen.

“I know I was built to be a racing driver. Coming back to the second half of the season, I can say that I have recharged my batteries and am ready.”

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