Lewis Hamilton’s dog bowl and Felipe Massa’s pensioners manual: F1 drivers Secret Santa

IT turns out that Formula One drivers are incredibly creative when it comes to Secret Santa.

A host of stars picked present for a randomly selected rival and the gifts were revealed at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

There was one team absent from the video, with Ferrari refusing to take part in the festive fun.

British superstar Lewis Hamilton was first up to unwrap his gift – sent lovingly from Carlos Sainz.

But what do you buy for a man that recently spent over £1m on a stunning La Ferrari?

Well, despite initial confusion, the speedster was quick to work out that the presents were in fact for his beloved dogs – Roscoe and Coco.

After receiving a Christmas dog outfit and a pet bowl laced in bling, he took the chance to thank the rival Renault driver.

He said: "Carlos thank you very much. I obviously didn't get you a gift, but I appreciate it."

Carlos Sainz Jr then unwrapped his gifts from Danish superstar Kevin Magnussen.

And the 23-year-old appeared overwhelmed to receive a London stationary set and a Muhammed Ali book.

Sainz added: "I didn't expect that. How does he know I know I live in London and I support Muhammed Ali?"

Magnussen looked chuffed to receive a Russia guide book ahead of next year's World Cup from Felipe Massa.

But Massa's enjoyment would have been short lived after he opened his hilarious batch of presents from Hamilton.

The retired star received a pair of slippers, a smoking pipe and a handbook made for pensioners… old man essentials.

Brendon Hartley received Romain Grosjean's cookbook from the Haas man, who appeared ecstatic with his waffle maker gift from Lance Stroll.

The Canadian racer received a toy monkey with a banana from Esteban Ocon, which he went on to explain was part of an inside joke.

German star Pascal Wehrlein surprised Esteban Ocon with a pink panther pat, while he unwrapped a table hockey gift from Bottas.

But Bottas, who received a can of fish from Max Verstappen, was quick to put his 'gift' into a nearby bin.

In a state of confusion, he said: "It must be some smart a**. Max? How does he know I have a cat?"

Verstappen is now the proud owner of a baseball cap – thanks to Fernando Alonso.

And the gift was even thoughtfully wrapped in personalised wrapping paper, which showed the youngster dressed in a questionable elf outfit.

Brendon Hartley mocked Daniel Ricciardo's cooking ability by supplying him with a pack of conchiglie pasta.

Ricciardo gave Alonso a smart pair of long socks, which left the Spanish star questioning the time spent on the gift.

Marcus Ericsson is free to feast over the festive period now, after receiving Biscotti biscuits from Pierre Gasly.

But Gasly made less sense of his own gift, which was a huge viking hat provided by Ericsson.

Nico Hulkenburg took the chance to humiliate Sergio Perez with a pink panther mug and a bright pink watch.

But Perez will be distraught after finding out that Hulkenburg quickly launched his pink beret gift into the bin.






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