“I was listening to U2′: Commuter explains LeBron anger

It’s easy to pick LeBron James out of a crowd, but in a packed New York subway car, not so much.

Take real-estate agent and comedian James Michael Angelo, who was seated next to James on Monday morning, and wanted nothing to do with the prolific forward’s phone in his face.

“I noticed a bunch of tall guys getting in the train, but I was listening to U2 and I didn’t want to be filmed,” Angelo told For the Win following the star-studded commute, in which James and company rode underground after wrapping a shootaround at Madison Square Garden ahead of the evening’s 104-101 victory over the Knicks.

While Angelo’s brief exchange with James has since gone viral, the admitted tennis fan said he thought the Cavaliers were a college team and not the NBA’s 2016 champions.

“To be honest with you, they got on and they completely squished me and he was really unaware of his space,” Angelo recalled.

Though Angelo likened his response of “can you not” to the typical case of the Monday blues — “I hadn’t finished my latte and I didn’t feel like being filmed” — he has since issued a “warning” to James.

“LeBron, I just want you to know, I’m coming for you,” he shared on Twitter.

Source: https://nypost.com/2017/11/14/i-was-listening-to-u2-commuter-explain-lebron-anger/

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