Manchester United star Chris Smalling ridiculed on Twitter after turning entire body to make simple pass against Brighton

The Manchester United defend made the football faux pas during Friday night’s Premier League clash at Brighton.

Smalling took possession of the ball in defence late on in the second half, looking to pass it to his right.

He had all the time in the world as there were no Brighton players nearby.

But instead of simply tapping the ball with his left foot, like most players would have done, Smalling bizarrely turned all the way on the spot until his body was facing a completely different angle.

It meant he was then able to offload the ball with his right foot instead.


And fans were quick to take the mickey on Twitter, with many blown away by a professional footballer pulling out a move not even seen in Sunday league.

One said: “A professional footballer has to turn like this to pass the ball LOOOOOOL.”

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Another wrote: “My 7 year old grandson will be chuffed when I show him that and his technique is already at United professional levels.”

One added: “Thing is this is literally every pass he makes.”

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