Pep Guardiola drives a £200k Bentley and Jose Mourinho gets chauffeured to training… but which Prem manager has £18k Opel Insignia and which one gets a lift from his wife

THE world's leading football managers are earning a fortune.

So, it's no wonder that the likes of Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Zinedine Zidane can afford luxury cars.

These bosses won't have player envy when they drop their motors off at the club car park's training ground.

Because, as you'll see, they've got wheels to die for… well, all except for Mr. Jurgen Klopp.

The Man City boss is a proprietor of fashionable football. You can see that in the way his team plays the game.

But Pep also loves to travel in style in a Bentley GTX700 that's worth around £200k.

Boasting a V-8 engine that generates 530bhp, this gas guzzler will be the envy of the City squad.

All except Raheem Sterling, who owns exactly the same Bentley as his boss.

If Pep wants an upgrade, he's certainly got the readies to do it on a reported £15.3m salary a year.

Word to the wise, Pep did once ban flashy motors from the training ground.

With Mourinho nearly in the same pay packet as his cross city rival Pep, earning £15m per year, you'd expect 'The Special One' to have a flash car.

But the pragmatic Portuguese coach has chosen a sensible Jaguar F-Pace worth around £34k.

The Man United boss also appeared in ad campaign for the British car manufacturers, putting their staff through their paces in a promotional video.

We're not sure if Jaguar do buses, but if they did…

Incidentally, Jose does get driven into training most days, preferring to plan his training sessions on the way there then race to work.

Those chaps at Arsenal Fan TV know exactly what car they need to hunt down when they want to collar Arsene Wenger after a bad result at the Emirates.

And seeing the French boss loves his team to play with attacking flair on a budget, his choice is rather surprising.

Arsene is a fan of Jaguar, and in particular, their XJ range that set him back somewhere in the region of £60k.

The Frenchman also hasn't forgotten his roots, regularly plugging Citroen, who have a sponsorship deal with the north London giants.

It may have been bought at an auction, but don't start thinking Big Sam likes to budget.

The Everton manager drives a Bentley Continental, which brand new would cost around £100k.

We don't know what he paid, but knowing how Sam operates in the transfer market he would've got a good deal.

But given Sam is on a reported a £100k a week contract at Everton, maybe he could consider an upgrade.

And with star player Wayne Rooney on a driving ban at the moment Sam's motor would look like the best at Goodison Park.

The West Brom boss has always been a stylish fella, taking in trendy holidays and clubs in Ibiza, as you do.

'Pards' also likes to drive himself to work in a top-of-the-range Range Rover Evoque.

And with a starting price of around £31k, it's not the flashiest motor we've seen the tactician drive.

He also once had a Bentley Continental GT, which would've set him back around £155k.

Given he was on a pay packet of £1.5m at Palace, he may have had to of downgraded to the Evoque when he was in the manager wilderness.

Still, that's not a bad trade for a man famed for dancing on a touchline during a Cup Final.

Preferring a bigger SUV, the Atletico Madrid manager goes for a full-bloodied Range Rover Sport.

Starting at £60k, it's a popular motor for Hollywood's elite and a reliable runner.

Presumably, his glittering playing career can still afford him life's luxuries, earning big money in Italy while he was still a pro.

One of the finest managers in the game today, his £5.1m a year salary gives him a decent budget.

What's surprising then is the fact he recently promoted Hyundai's IONIQ.

It's a hybrid motor with a relatively low price of around £20k.

That said Hyundai have pumped money into Atletico as a sponsor over the years, so he's contractually obliged.

One of the world's greatest players, and Champions League winning boss, 'Zizou' has a fleet of luxury cars.

He has been seen driving into the Ciudad Real Madrid in an Audi hatchback worth around £21k (who is a sponsor), a Range Rover Evoque and even a Mercedes Maybach worth around £70k.

However, his cars won't be the nicest in the Real training parking lot.

That award goes to Cristiano Ronaldo, who owns a number of super cars including a Bugatti Chrion worth £2.15m.

Liverpool boss Jurgen is always a chipper fella, even when he doesn't like TV interviewers.

But an expensive car clearly isn't a status symbol for the enigmatic German boss, who has a sturdy choice of wheels.

Surrounded by Bentleys, Lamborghinis and the rest at Liverpool's Melwood training ground, Jurgen carefully parks his Opel Insignia without a care in the world.

With a price of just £18k, this German runner is affordable for everyone.

However, we think Liverpool's counter-attacks go faster – the Insignia takes over 10 seconds to hit 0-60mph.

Antonio Conte isn't flash in ANY way whatsoever either.

In fact, we wonder if he can even drive at all!

The Chelsea boss is often driven to work in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is worth around £47k.

Amusingly enough, he was once driven to work by his missus in a Nissan Duke which would only cost £14k brand new.

For a man on a three-year deal at Chelsea reportedly worth around £6.5m a year, we can't help but think Conte must try harder!'s%20motors” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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