Proudest man in Proudsville is Sean Dyche, David Silva is golden for Man City and Puel is Claude of the manor

It’s been another busy week in the Premier League, albeit one where nothing much has really changed.

If you haven’t seen the headlines I’ll sum it up for you. Manchester City are still brilliant and Newcastle are still dreadful…

City have now earned the bragging rights in Manchester

Given how cold it’s been of late it’s entirely likely that you’re wearing a hat at the moment but if you are I’m going to ask you to stop for a moment, take if off and doff it in the general direction of Sean Dyche.

The Burnley boss was beaming after his side snatched a 1-0 win over Stoke to move into the top four and bring the possibility of a tie with Real Madrid or Barcelona that little bit closer.

“I am very proud, I’m super proud,” he said. “I’m the proudest man in Proudsville.”

Unlike Jose Mourinho who’s the grumpiest grump in Grumptown.

Dyche is attempting to keep his sides feet on the floor

There was a class act from Eden Hazard after Chelsea’s 3-1 away win at Huddersfield.

As he was given the Man of the Match Award by BT Sport he handed it straight over to his teammate Willian instead.

Good job really.

Willian scored and assisted with the other two goals so it wouldn’t have been right if the Belgian had kept whatever that luminous block thing is they give them these days.

Eden Hazard hands Willian the Man of the Match award after Huddersfield win

For some reason, the £300 million takeover of Newcastle by PCP still seems to be in the offing despite yet another defeat last night, this time at the hands of a resurgent Everton.

The Magpies record in their last eight matches now reads: LLLLDLLL. No side in any of Europe’s big five leagues have won fewer points since the start of November.

Maybe time for Amanda Staveley to haggle about the price a little.

Well-connected businesswoman Amanda Staveley has led a second bid for Newcastle from PCP

Is there a better player than David Silva in the Premier League at the moment?

The Spaniard was absolutely sublime in City’s record-breaking win over Swansea and now has 10 assists and five goals this season.

I really could watch him all day… but I think my wife would think it’s a bit, well, weird.

Leicester City manager Claude Puel was sacked by the Saints last summer

When Claude Puel was sacked by Southampton at the end of last season, he was accused of playing negative, defensive and unadventurous football.

Fast forward six months and he returned to St. Mary’s and watched his Leicester side tear Saints to shreds.

Nice guy that he is, he was unfaltering polite about his old club and somehow resisted the temptation to climb up to the director’s box and just moon his old bosses.

Not sure I would have been quite so restrained.

You would have put your house on Liverpool thumping West Brom at Anfield last night but, for once, the much-vaunted ‘Fab Four’ failed to fire.

Mind you, even the original Fab Four didn’t get it right all the time.

Remember Ob-La- Di, Ob-La- Da? Or Yellow Submarine? We all have our off days.


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