Richard Keys’ ‘diversity/diver-city’ outburst on Jose Mourinho sends Twitter into overdrive

RICHARD KEYS sent Twitter into overdrive when he turned his attention to Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho had plenty to say about the opposition players diving in the build-up to Sunday’s Manchester derby.

— Richard Keys (@richardajkeys) December 12, 2017

He said of City’s top stars: “A little bit of wind and they fall”.

The aftermath of United’s 2-1 home defeat saw the controversial Portuguese refer to a “diversity” of opinion surrounding the highly publicised scuffles that broke out behind the scenes.

City coach Mikel Arteta had ‘blood pouring’ from a cut in his face, while Mourinho was allegedly pelted with a milk carton.

And former Sky Sports presenter Keys, now along with Andy Gray the face of BeIN Sports channels, was obviously keen to draw a connection from the whole scenario.

He tweeted: “Jose saying ‘diversity’ – are we sure? Broken up – the way he’s delivering it – it sounds more like ‘diver-city’. Listen again.”

But some Twitter followers were less than impressed.

Like Joshua Harwood, who posted: “Call 999 Richard Keys is losing it.”

Marc McBride replied: “I think you might have finally gone insane, Richard.”

— Joshua Harwood (@JHarwood24) December 12, 2017

Said Francis Collings: “Sounds fine, Let’s hear your Portuguese.”

Jack_Quack96 simply posted: “My good lord, when you think you’ve seen it all.”

Steve@Stevuk77 replied: “What? Is this football journalism?”


And Keys, who resigned as a Sky presenter after making derogatory comments about female assistant referee Sian Massey in 2011, really took one on the chin from Lee@leerobson23.

Presumably with reference to Keys’ off-air comments about Massey and the fitness of women to officiate at football matches, he posted:

“You’ve always had a problem with diversity, after all… “

Many middle aged soccer fans once looked upon Keys as the face of the Premier League.

Today he’s more like the face of Twitter…







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