Stitches: Don’t Rush to judgment

“Local media reports to create panic. Sending people into stores to get water, batteries. Media benefits, retailers, TV companies.” Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh this week ahead of Hurricane Irma stating that the overblown coverage was to “advance this climate change agenda.” Days later Rush, who resides in Florida, set a new rushing record and headed north to safety. C’mon Rush, stick with your pick! We’d be undefeated too if we could change our play in the seventh inning.

Two of the worst teams in baseball tango on the south side of Chicago today. The Giants’ Madison Bumgarner, who only has shown flashes of his old dominance, owns the pitching matchup and should handle the Chisox. Twenty units on San Fran.

D’oh! Homer Bailey allowed the depleted Mets to score five times and they cruised 6-1 over the Reds. Red Sox Chris Sale cut our losses. Returned to form, shutting down the Rays through six, and the Bosox flattened the Rays 9-0. Trimmed to 419 rokers.


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