UFC star Arjan Bhullar reveals he snubbed WWE career after seeking advice from Jinder Mahal

UFC star Arjan Bhullar has revealed he sensationally snubbed a career in the WWE.

Bhullar made history by becoming the first Indian-born fighter to win in MMA's elite bracket with a unanimous points victory over Luis Henrique in September.

But it could have panned out much differently for him after representing Canada – where he grew up – in wrestling at London 2012.

Bhullar, 31, said: "We were in talks after the Olympics with both the UFC and WWE to figure out the next step career wise.

"The WWE wanted me to come down to the development centre in Florida and go through that."

But for family-man Bhullar, who is married with a child on the way, the gruelling schedules wrestlers are put through was a major turn off.

And it was WWE superstar and fellow Indian Jinder Mahal, who recently lost the title to AJ Styles, who opened his eyes.

Bhullar said: "I actually reached out to Jinder and asked him about the schedule and what it would look like if I were to take that opportunity.

"I realised how crazy it is – they're never at home. I'm a pretty family-orientated guy and I still have that competitive edge as well.

"For those two reasons I was able to go the UFC route.

"Down the line – to dabble in the WWE – I'm open to that. I grew up on WWE."

For now though, Bhullar is focused on becoming a UFC champion.

The UFC is returning to London in March and Bhullar is desperate to be on the card.

He said: "We want to hop on that London, England card in March.

"For me London would be great because of the support there. Last time I competed there was at the Olympics so I want to get out there again.

"We've reached out to the company for that. I've got a great management team who are in talks to get the next fight signed."

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