WrestleMania 34: Daniel Bryan celebrates wrestling return with tag win alongside Shane McMahon over Sami Zayne and Kevins Owens

The fans’ favourite won his first world title in the same New Orleans venue four years earlier and he enjoyed a triumphant return to his old stomping ground.

Teamed up with Shane McMahon, Bryan defeated Sami Zayne and Kevin Owens and celebrated by racing into the crowd to kiss beautiful wife Brie Bella.

Byan’s match appeared to be over before it had even began after Owens and Zayn ambushed him.

A Helluva kick and a powerbomb onto the apron left Bryan in a heap and team-mate McMahon calling for medical help.

Vince’s son then started the fight two-on-one and he made a bright start before finally being overwhelmed.

The paramedics spent an age hoisting Bryan onto the gurney while McMahon was battered and taunted.

McMahon did manage to battle back and he hit his high-risk coast-to-coast drop-kick on Zayne but it came at a cost as Owen hit him with a frogsplash.

At this point Bryan returned to the ring apron and the corner but, for an age, McMahon could not reach him for the tag.

When Bryan was finally made the legal man, the crowd went wild. After almost three years in premature retirement he was back and as impressive as ever.

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A clothesline at 100mph was ferocious and a top-flight drop-kick proved he does not fear impact injuries on his head or neck and a top-rope hurricanrana was faultless.

A pop-up powerbomb from Owens broke up Bryans’ momentum but he was soon in a shootout with Zayne that he was destined to win with a flurry of yes kicks.

A running, flying knee floored Zayne and the Yes Lock forced the floored Canadian to quit under Bryan.

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