Private firm launches ‘final’ search for missing Flight MH370

SYDNEY/KUALA LUMPUR — A U.S.-based company has begun searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Malaysia said on Tuesday, as it tries to solve one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries. Flight MH370 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing in March 2014 with 239 people, mostly Chinese, on

Plane with 6 on board disappears from radar in the Bahamas

NASSAU, Bahamas — Authorities lost track of a small plane with six people on board Wednesday as it traveled between two islands in the Bahamas and searchers later found a debris field, suggesting the aircraft may have crashed into the ocean, officials said. The twin-engine Piper Aztec was en

Man with ‘Aussie flu’ faints on flight, causes chaos

A man was flying from Scotland to England when he lost consciousness and collapsed on the plane, nearly causing the flight to make a mid-flight emergency landing. Anthony Joseph was on his way back home to London after spending time with family in Aberdeen, Scotland when he began sweating

New spy plane can travel at five times the speed of sound

Boeing has finally unveiled a successor to the legendary Blackbird SR-71 spy plane, capable of traveling at five times the speed of sound. The new “Son of Blackbird” was revealed at an event in Orlando, Florida, but it’s only a concept design for now. The new aircraft will be a

Plane dangles off cliff after skidding off runway in Turkey

ISTANBUL – A commercial airplane that skidded off a runway after landing in northern Turkey dangled precariously off a muddy cliff with its nose only a few feet from the sea. Images show the Boeing 737-800 on its belly and at an acute angle just above the water. If

Plane has close call, nearly lands on occupied runway

SAN FRANCISCO — An Aeromexico passenger jet was ordered to abort a landing at San Francisco International Airport as it descended toward a runway occupied by another commercial jet, the third close call at the busy airport in six months, officials said Thursday. Aeromexico Flight 668 from Mexico City

Drunk man pees all over airplane bathroom, booted from flight

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Frequent flyer tip: if you’re going to use the airplane bathroom, take good aim. Otherwise, you might be grounded. Flight attendants say Dante Bencivenga left a mess and urine all over the floor of the bathroom on a Spirit Airlines flight before takeoff Thursday night. According

Man busted with loaded gun at JFK: cops

A Queens man was busted for trying to smuggle a loaded, stolen gun onto a plane at JFK Airport, authorities said. George Vasquez, 61, was arrested after officials discovered the Sig Sauer P238 .380 wrapped in his coat as it passed through the scanner at the airport’s Terminal 4

Plane catches fire after collision on runway

TORONTO — Passengers were forced to evacuate via emergency slides in the frigid cold on Friday night after two planes collided on the ground at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. No injuries have been reported. WestJet said an inbound from Cancun, Mexico with 168 passengers and a crew of six

Flight returns to JFK after report of flames on a wing

An American Airlines plane bound for Cancun returned to JFK Airport shortly after takeoff when the crew declared an emergency because of an engine-related issue — after someone reported seeing flames on a wing, officials said. No injuries were reported after the Boeing 737 landed safely and was met

Flight diverted after passenger smears poop all over bathrooms

A United passenger was in some deep doo-doo after smearing feces in the plane – causing the Chicago-to-Hong Kong flight to divert to Anchorage, according to reports. Flight 895 took a crappy turn Thursday night when the man smeared excrement inside a couple of bathrooms, removed his shirt and

Small plane goes missing on flight from Oklahoma to Texas

FREEPORT, Texas — The Coast Guard is searching off the Southeast Texas coast after a small plane that left from Wiley Post Airport in Oklahoma City was reported missing on a flight to Central Texas. Authorities say the Cirrus SR-22 aircraft, capable of carrying five people, was detected on

Man says airline wrongly banned him for touching crew member

SAN DIEGO — A San Diego man banned from Alaska Airlines for touching a flight attendant says he’s a victim of discrimination against men. Mike Timon, angry over his treatment by the airline, called the San Diego Union-Tribune and told the newspaper in a story published last week that

Say goodbye to the Boeing 747

After nearly 50 years, the venerable Boeing 747 is being retired in the United States as a commercial airliner. Once hailed as the “Queen of the Skies,” the workhorse been embraced by every major U.S. carrier since the first model rolled off the line in 1968. At one point

Airlines may take away one of the only good things about flying

One of the only things to look forward to about flying is getting to binge-watch TV shows and movies. But the way we’re entertained in the air could be about to change and people aren’t happy about it. Some airlines are reportedly ditching the seatback screens that give us

Rat boards flight at California airport, forces cancellation

OAKLAND, Calif. — Alaska Airlines is calling in an exterminator after the company says a rat boarded one of its planes at Oakland International Airport in California and forced it to cancel the flight. The airline says passengers were boarding the Portland, Oregon-bound flight Tuesday when the rat jumped

Bird flies into cockpit, forces Delta flight to turn around

An unexpected stowaway forced a Delta flight to turn around late Saturday morning. Delta flight 1943 from Detroit to Atlanta had to return to Detroit “shortly after takeoff” because a small sparrow had snuck into the cockpit, airport officials said. The feathered culprit slipped on the plane during boarding and

Power finally returns to Atlanta airport after long blackout

Officials say power has been fully restored at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The airport announced on its Twitter page minutes after its midnight deadline, “Power has been restored on all concourses. 5,000+ meals are being delivered to passengers. Trains will be operational soon.” The world’s busiest airport lost power earlier

Chaos at one of the busiest US airports after power outage

Atlanta’s international airport – one of the busiest in the world – was struck by a power outage Sunday afternoon, leaving passengers trapped in planes for hours or inside crammed terminals. “A power outage has impacted several areas in the airport,” the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport Twitter account posted

Plane diverted because of coffee maker fumes

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A Southwest Airlines plane was diverted to a Florida airport after fumes from a coffee maker were reported in the back of the aircraft. According to a Pensacola News Journal report , airline spokesman Brian Parrish said Flight 1539 from Orlando, Florida, to Houston was diverted

Drones are more damaging to planes than bird strikes

Drones that collide with planes cause more damage than birds of the same size because of their solid parts such as motors and batteries. That’s according to a study released by the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday. The report’s researchers say aircraft-manufacturing standards designed for bird strikes aren’t appropriate for

Delta crew accused of mistaking passenger for trafficking victim

An Atlanta-area woman says she’s upset with Delta Air Lines and U.S. Customs and Border Protection after she was mistaken for a human trafficking victim upon returning from an international vacation. Stephanie Ung, 26, told WXIA that she and a friend had just returned from a trip to Cancun,

United flight diverted when passengers felt lightheaded

A United Airlines flight had to be diverted to London after a string of passengers complained about feeling “lightheaded and sick”. The flight was heading to New York after departing from Germany at around 9am today but was instead forced to land at Heathrow four hours into the journey. Dramatic

Big lightning bolt strikes plane just after takeoff

This is the terrifying moment a huge lightning bolt struck a passenger plane just after it took off in Amsterdam. The footage, posted by Valk Aviation on Monday, shows the KLM aircraft launching into the sky from Schiphol Airport — seconds before things got electric mid-air. The plane continued as

Navy fails to see humor in pilot’s penis-in-the-sky prank

This joystick got one US Navy aviator in hot water. Washington state residents who gazed upward Thursday during a jet fighter’s acrobatics got an eyeful from skywriting that appeared to display male genitalia. Images of the ballsy pilot’s creation above Okanogan in central Washington quickly got a rise on social

Four dead after small plane crashes in Kentucky

GLASGOW, Ky. — A small plane crashed about 80 miles from its destination in south-central Kentucky on Sunday, killing four people on board, police said. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that a Piper PA32 crashed near Glasgow at 2:21 p.m. CT. The FAA said the plane