Drinking red wine could be the secret to banishing bad breath for good

RED wine could hold the secret to banishing bad breath, scientists say. A study shows it contains chemicals that slash the risk of gum disease – a leading cause of halitosis. Called polyphenols, these chemicals work by stopping harmful bugs from sticking to teeth, where they cause inflammation and infection

City nixes ‘booze cruises’ after complaints from neighbors

The party’s over in Sheepshead Bay. Owners of “booze cruise” party boats that have long operated from the Brooklyn bay’s piers were informed Friday that the city is putting an end to their predawn cruises. It’s a move the boat owners claim will sink their businesses — and is being

Restaurant could lose liquor license after deadly crash

A restaurant in North Carolina could get its liquor license yanked for several days for serving a man 17 shots of liquor in a four-hour span before he crashed his car and plunged 70 feet off a bridge to his death. Robert Kite, 48, was downing shots at the

Stephanie Davis reveals she’s an alcoholic and went to rehab

Stephanie Davis has revealed she's an alcoholic and went to rehab to save her life [OK! Magazine ] Stephanie Davis has revealed how she turned to drink to cope with difficult times following her split from Jeremy McConnell before he was found guilty of assaulting her. The couple, who met

Call The Midwife: Nurse Trixie Franklin LEAVES show

Call The Midwife: Nurse Trixie Franklin breaks down as Sister Julienne grants her six months leave of absence [BBC] Call The Midwife viewers were left devastated as it was announced that show original Nurse Trixie Franklin was leaving. The popular character, played by Helen George, is a recovering alcoholic, with

Woman jailed for kicking police officer in groin

JAY, Maine — A Maine woman has pleaded guilty to kicking a Jay police officer in the groin during her arrest last year. Forty-eight-year-old Carol Welch was sentenced to eight days in jail with credit given for four days already served Tuesday. The Sun-Journal reports Welch apologized for her

Lower-strength alcohol can lead to increased booze consumption, study warns

LOWER-strength booze could lead to increased alcohol consumption as producers advertise them as an alternative to soft drinks, a study says. Researchers found diluted wines and beers sold by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons were being marketed as “lunchtime treats” or “perfect for all occasions”. Lower-strength beer was even described

The world is facing a tequila shortage

AMATITAN, Mexico – In the heartland of the tequila industry, in Mexico’s western state of Jalisco, a worsening shortage of agave caused by mounting demand for the liquor from New York to Tokyo has many producers worried. The price of Agave tequilana, the blue-tinged, spikey-leaved succulent used to make

How many burgers and doughnuts your weekly booze intake is worth

A new online calculator urging people to cut down on booze reveals how many burgers and doughnuts their weekly intake is worth. The Drink Less Feel Good campaign shows people how many calories they are drinking, using fatty foods as a comparison. Adverts reveal that drinking three pints of beer

Americans bought 226M cases of spirits in 2017

US distillers are toasting another record year. Sales of whiskeys, vodkas, rums and other spirits rose 4 percent in 2017 — the eighth annual share increase for the sector as it continues to take sales away from beer, industry statistics released Thursday reveal. More On: liquor This 'cocktail school' will come with