Statue of Liberty to reopen despite government shutdown

The doors to the Statue of Liberty will reopen Monday — despite the fed shutdown of all non-essential government services. Gov. Cuomo announced Sunday the beacon-handed beauty, who stands on US Park land, would continue to let visitors in through $65,000 a day in state funding. “She’s resting, she deserves

Cuomo’s congestion pricing plan will target for-hire cars and cabs

see also Gov. Cuomo hedged Saturday on endorsing his own panel’s recommendations to charge a toll on all vehicles entering Manhattan below 60th Street. He instead focused on the part of the congestion-pricing plan that targets cabs and for-hire cars like Uber and Lyft and called for lower outer-borough bridge

Federal shutdown closes Statue of Liberty

Gov. Cuomo says he’s ready to sail to the rescue of tourists eager to visit Lady Liberty. Cuomo on Saturday offered to pony up state cash to reopen Liberty Island, which was shuttered by the federal government shutdown. “How do you close the Statue of Liberty? It’s the symbol of

De Blasio now backing plan to charge vehicles driving in Manhattan

Despite lingering concerns, Mayor de Blasio opened the door on Friday to supporting the state’s congestion pricing plan, which if approved would impose fees on vehicles driving south of 60th Street in Manhattan. For years de Blasio has dismissed prior congestion pricing proposals as a “regressive tax” on the

De Blasio blames state for failing to help with NYCHA repairs

see also Mayor de Blasio complains that the state hasn’t provided “a whole lot of help” to make desperately needed repairs at New York City Housing Authority buildings — but his administration took seven months to file a funding request for $200 million. That request is now being processed. Officials said

Cuomo looks to free old, sick inmates in bid to save money

New York state is spending so much money on medical care for older inmates that Gov. Cuomo said it’s time to let ’em loose — potentially saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Cuomo wants to set up a “geriatric parole” program for prisoners 55 and older who suffer from a

Cuomo plans greater state oversight of embattled NYCHA

In a slap at Mayor de Blasio, Gov. Cuomo plans to increase state enforcement of housing developments following the lead paint inspection fiasco at the New York City Housing Authority. “The New York City Housing Authority recently revealed its failure to abate lead paint and notify tenants of the

Rochester mayor may be Cuomo’s new running mate

Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren is being pushed by some Democrats to replace Kathy Hochul as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s running mate, sources said Tuesday. The speculation about Warren comes as Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams — a Cuomo critic — announced he’s thinking about challenging Hochul. Warren, like Williams, is black. Hochul, a

Cuomo proposes state tax overhaul to counteract federal reforms

In a desperate move to “thwart” the federal tax overhaul, Gov. Cuomo said Tuesday he wants to make sweeping changes to the state tax code as he unveiled his new $168 billion budget plan. The governor’s proposal would shift the state from collecting an income tax paid by individuals

Cuomo assembling panel to study pot legalization

Gov. Cuomo plans to appoint a panel to study the legalization of marijuana, sources said Tuesday. The announcement is expected as part of the governor’s budget address in Albany. Cuomo said last year that he was opposed to legalizing pot for recreational use, calling it a “gateway drug.” But Republican gubernatorial

Cuomo says tolls can be placed on ‘any block’ in NYC

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is mulling a congestion pricing plan in Manhattan, said Monday the state is capable of placing tolls anywhere in the Big Apple. “We have the ability with technology to put tolling anywhere in the city — it’s not just the bridges, it’s just a gantry

Union finds MTA work-around to ‘payback’ Cuomo support

Political ads are banned in the subways — but the MTA has no problem with a public-service ad that features a smiling Gov. Cuomo surrounded by kids in an election year. In an end-run around the prohibition, ads featuring Cuomo with children who have received organ transplants have popped

Cuomo doesn’t want offshore drilling in New York

Gov. Cuomo on Monday asked the US Department of the Interior to exempt New York from a controversial new plan to expand offshore drilling — one week after the department issued an exemption to Florida. Cuomo said in a letter to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that offshore drilling “poses

Cuomo has $31M in his campaign treasury

Gov. Cuomo is a political master at collecting campaign donations — including hefty checks form fat cats and special interests with business before state government. Seeking re-election to a third term and potentially eyeing a 2020 bid for the White House, Cuomo will announce on Tuesday that he has

Winning the New York lottery is worse than you thought

As lottery jackpots grew into the tens and hundreds of millions earlier this month, one thing was certain: If you had won, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio’s agents would have been first in line to collect from you. They ensure the state and city get a big piece

Cuomo scraps program that kept books from inmates

Gov. Andrew Cuomo scrapped a controversial pilot program at state correctional facilities that restricted inmate access to books and other items sent through the mail. see also “I am directing the Dept. of Corrections to rescind its flawed pilot program that restricted shipment of books and care packages to inmates,”

State spent $100M for NYCHA security cameras — not boilers

see also Gov. Cuomo and state lawmakers set aside $100 million in capital funding to the New York City Housing Authority in 2016, but none of the money was used to replace boilers. Mayor de Blasio is now talking about the need to replace defective boilers following a deluge of

First all-electric city buses debut tomorrow

The city’s first all-electric buses are set to hit the streets Tuesday, state officials said. The MTA buses will travel on the B32 route that goes between Brooklyn and Queens and the M42 and M50 routes in Midtown, according to Gov. Cuomo’s office. The zero-emissions buses, which the city will

State Assembly speaker bashes Trump in 2018’s first session

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie bashed the Trump presidency during the state Legislature’s first session of the year Monday — as the lone Republican challenging Gov. Cuomo’s re-election bid pleaded with his colleges to “keep the politics out of this chamber.” “Our state is under attack like never before,” Democratic

Upstate GOPer considering run against Cuomo

A Buffalo-area Republican is considering throwing his hat in the ring against Gov. Cuomo. Former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra says he’s gunning for the state GOP’s endorsement in his bid to dethrone Cuomo, who is seeking his third term this fall. “I’ve hired consultants. I’m putting together a team,”

Cuomo backs study for new subway line into Red Hook

A new subway line could be headed to Red Hook. The governor is calling for a study to potentially expand subway service from lower Manhattan to the Brooklyn neighborhood with an underwater tunnel. He said he wants more public access to an industrial waterfront that’s “full of untapped potential. “With this

Cuomo snubs de Blasio for chilly Long Island ceremony

Gov. Cuomo on Monday snubbed Mayor de Blasio and instead presided over the swearing-in ceremony for new Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. Cuomo sent Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul to attend de Blasio’s swearing-in at City Hall. The governor also couldn’t resist taking a playful shot at Sen. Charles Schumer during

GOP’s best bet to dethrone Cuomo says he’s not running

Republican Businessman Harry Wilson announced Monday that he’s not running for governor — a break for two-term Democratic incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Wilson, 46, was considered the GOP’s best chance of toppling Cuomo, who is seeking re-election to a third term in November and considered a possible 2020 presidential

Cuomo takes shots at de Blasio over homeless crisis, Rikers Island

Gov. Cuomo ended 2017 with a couple ​more parting shots for Mayor de Blasio, grousing Sunday about the failure to address homelessness and the city’s inability to move more quickly to reform Rikers Island. “We have severe challenges next year. There is nothing we cannot do if we focus

Cynthia Nixon is helping raise funds for de Blasio pals’ nonprofit

Miranda is wading into New York’s biggest political rivalry. As rumors swirl about “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon challenging Gov. Cuomo in next year’s Democratic primary, the activist actress will help pals of Mayor de Blasio fund-raise for their new nonprofit. Nixon will speak at the Broad Room’s

Cuomo spending economic development funds for property tax ad

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is spending economic development funds on a TV ad promoting his executive order allowing New York taxpayers to pre-pay their 2018 property taxes as a response to a new federal law that curbs deduction of state and local taxes. The Empire State Development Corp. paid for

Cuomo grants clemency to 61 convicted criminals

Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday granted clemency to 61 convicted criminals — including 18 illegal immigrants who faced deportation but could now be home free. The governor also pardoned 39 people who committed misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes when they were 16 or 17 years old but have since remained crime-free