Emmerdale’s Sandy Thomas’s Australia move in JEOPARDY?

Emmerdale: Sandy Thomas' move to Australia could be in jeopardy [ITV] Emmerdale favourite Sandy Thomas could find his proposed move to Australia in jeopardy after fans spotted a major flaw. The pensioner was recently left delighted when Maisie, a glamorous friend of his pal Betty, arrived in the village. And after

Ross Kemp flaunts dad bod in Australia

Former EastEnders star Ross Kemp announced the surprise news that his wife Renee O’Brien had given birth to two little girls, Ava and Kitty, on September 26 and has been busy enjoying their first few months in the world. However, it seems as though the actor is well and truly

Australia’s top leaders rip into each other over inner-office affair

CANBERRA, Australia — Australia’s prime minister and his deputy have criticized each other in an open and hostile rift over politically damaging revelations that the deputy is expecting a baby with a former press secretary. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday accused Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce of making

Death by woodchipper probed for ‘suspicious’ circumstances

An Aussie who met his “Fargo”-esque demise when he fell into woodchipper died under “suspicious” circumstances, police said Friday as they confirmed the launch of a murder probe. The death of an Australian man who was killed late last year after falling through a woodchipper has been deemed suspicious

Bizarre train brawl ends in a hug

One minute these two guys are full-on bashing each other with grappling moves Conor McGregor would be proud of, the next minute it looks like they’re best mates. The incredible altercation, which was captured on an unspecified Sydney train service yesterday, was caught on camera and uploaded onto Facebook

Ferry McFerryface renamed after political squabble

CANBERRA, Australia — A Sydney Harbor ferry christened Ferry McFerryface three months ago has been renamed after a political squabble. New South Wales Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance said in November that McFerryface came second place in a competition after the now famous choice, Boaty McBoatface. But Constance