Schoolkids banned from high-fiving lollipop man over ’disruption’ fears

PARENTS have blasted council bosses after their kids were banned from high-fiving a lollipop man while crossing a road. Town hall chiefs are concerned the friendly gesture causes “disruption” outside the Stockport primary school where 83-year-old Colin Spencer works. A text to parents of kids at St George’s in Heaviley

Broody Peter Andre reveals wife Emily has put him on a SEX ban

Peter Andre is usually pretty open when it comes to spilling details about married life with Emily MacDonagh. But now the pop star has got even more honest after confessing his wife won’t go anywhere near him in the bedroom! READ MORE CELEB NEWS Yup, the pair might already be proud parents to Amelia,

Theresa May considers banning energy drinks for under 16-year-olds

THERESA May promised to look at outlawing high energy drinks for under-16s yesterday - after a senior Tory MP called for a nationwide ban. The PM refused to rule it out as new Tory party vice-chairwoman Maria Caulfield raised the tragic case of Justin Bartholomew. The 25-year-old took his own

Superstores ban acid sales to kids in win for Sun Campaign

MAJOR supermarkets have pledged not to sell corrosive liquids to under-18s in a huge victory for The Sun on Sunday. The high street names have signed a voluntary commitment for a ban on dangerous acids being sold in store or online to youngsters. Two years ago we kicked off our