BBC Newsreader George Alagiah reveals his cancer has returned

Presenter and newsreader George Alagiah reveals that his cancer has returned [Getty ] George Alagiah, 62, has announced that his cancer has returned four years after he first battled the disease. The veteran BBC newsreader, who has been presenting the BBC News at Six since December 2007, will undergo treatment

Prince Harry interviews Barack Obama

Barack Obama was a guest of Prince Harry’s for a special edition of Radio 4’s Today program on Wednesday. The two spoke about their common focus of building leaders for the next generation as well as Obama’s memories of the day he left office and his hopes for his

'Doctor Who' recap: 'Twice Upon a Time'

Doctor Who Goodbye Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat (for some fans, one of those farewells might be considerably more bittersweet than the other)… and hello, Jodie Whittaker. “Twice Upon a Time” provides a perfect showcase for Capaldi’s impatient, expressive, oh-so-Scottish Doctor. And for Moffat, a writer who’s had a tendency

Why not just give overpaid BBC men a pay cut?

CARRIE Gracie’s outburst brilliantly knocks the BBC off the lofty moral high ground it has occupied for far too long. In accusing the corporation of deliberately - illegally - refusing to treat men and women equally on pay, she exposes the lie behind its liberal leftie egalitarian facade. Director general