EastEnders fans spot something bizarre during standoff

EastEnders: Mel Owen and Sharon Mitchell had a standoff with Ciara Maguire [BBC] EastEnders character Sharon Mitchell was betrayed by Mel Owen during Monday’s episode, as her secret was exposed. Mel, played by Tamzin Outhwaite, grassed Sharon up to Ciara Maguire  – confirming she took the money from the heist.  But Sharon had

EastEnders: How did Sharon Mitchell steal money from Ben?

EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell revealed why she really took the money from Ben Mitchell [BBC] EastEnders character Sharon Mitchell has confirmed how she stole the heist money from Ben Mitchell, as Letitia Dean’s character was confirmed to be the real thief. Phil Mitchell has no idea his wife took the

EastEnders: Sharon Mitchell heist aftermath revealed

EastEnders: Sharon Mitchell revealed she took the heist money[BBC] Only recently on EastEnders, soap watchers were left shocked to discover that Sharon Mitchell was the real heist money thief all along.  However, it has now been teased that in upcoming scenes Sharon and Mel Owen decide to pay Ciara Maguire a visit.  After learning

EastEnders Ben Mitchell: Where is child star Charlie Jones now?

EastEnders character Ben Mitchell was originally played by Charlie Jones [BBC] EastEnders' Ben Mitchell – originally played by Charlie Jones – is the troubled son of Phil Mitchell who, in his early days in Walford, was abused by Phil’s evil girlfriend Stella Crawford and loved dancing to Lady Gaga. After

EastEnders’ Mel Owen threatens Ben Mitchell’s safety

EastEnders: Mel Owen put pressure on Phil to come up with the heist money [BBC] EastEnders' Mel Owen left Phil Mitchell terrified as she threatened his son, Ben Mitchell's life in a bid to track down the stolen heist money.  Albert Square's latest arrival came face-to-face with Phil last week, when she revealed that

Ben Mitchell EastEnders: Mel Owen confirms character not dead after exit

EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen told Phil Mitchell what really happened to Ben Mitchell [BBC] Tamzin Outhwaite’s character Mel Owen invited herself into Phil Mitchell’s house on Tuesday’s episode of the BBC soap. EastEnders fans rejoiced and Mel and Phil came face-to-face, after Phil worked out she was back to claim

EastEnders: Mel Owen and Phil Mitchell history resurfaces

EastEnders spoilers: Mel Owen and Phil Mitchell come face-to-face for the first time in 16 years [BBC] Mel Owen headed back to Albert Square earlier this month, on the lookout for Ciara Maguire's money – stolen by Aidan Maguire during a heist. But that money went missing when Ben Mitchell

EastEnders fans RAGING as Ben fails to visit Abi before exit

EastEnders: Ben Mitchell's departure left some viewers annoyed as they claimed the soap had missed out a vital scene[BBC] EastEnders viewers were left frustrated at the soap for missing out a vital scene as Ben Mitchell sensationally left Walford.  Phil Mitchell's son left the soap on a ferry with Aidan Maguire's ex

EastEnders fans in UPROAR over Ben Mitchell’s exit

EastEnders: Ben Mitchell tried to leave with the money [BBC] EastEnders was full of drama on Friday evening as Ben Mitchell, played by Harry Reid, attempted to leave the country with Aidan Maguire's ex Ciara's money. Soap watchers knew that the character was leaving the hit BBC One soap after three years, with

EastEnders airs Ben Mitchell exit – but there’s a twist

EastEnders: Ben Mitchell was left shocked at Mel Owen's entrance [ITV] EastEnders was full of drama on Thursday evening as Ben Mitchell, played by Harry Reid, left Albert Square with Aidan Maguire's ex Ciara's money. Soap watchers knew that the character was leaving the hit BBC One soap after three years, with the

EastEnders: Ben Mitchell’s exit aftermath REVEALED

EastEnders: Ben Mitchell left Albert Square in a taxi on Thursday evening [BBC] EastEnders was full of drama on Thursday evening as Ben Mitchell, played by Harry Reid, left Albert Square with Aidan Maguire's ex Ciara's money. Soap watchers knew that the character was leaving the hit BBC One soap after three years, with

EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell makes DEADLY mistake

EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell gave his mother Kathy Beale a stolen necklace [BBC] Ben Mitchell hinted at his EastEnders exit storyline during Tuesday’s episode, and now there’s fear for mum Kathy Beale. Phil Mitchell’s son Ben was revealed to be the thief who stole the money taken during the recent

EastEnders: Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown make WORRYING discovery about Phil

EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown are questioned by the police following Aidan Maguire's heist [BBC] EastEnders viewers recently watched as Aidan Maguire’s heist ended in disaster who the men opened a coffin to find that the loot had disappeared.  Phil Mitchell, Mick Carter, Billy Mitchell, Vincent Hubbard and Keanu

EastEnders fans predict Jay Brown and Aidan money twist

EastEnders fans think Jay Brown stole the money from Aidan Maguire [BBC] EastEnders villain Aidan Maguire was outraged when he discovered the money he had taken during the robbery was gone. Fans now think Jay Brown may have stolen the money, and that pal Ben Mitchell may be in on

EastEnders FINALLY addresses major Abi Branning question

EastEnders: Viewers were delighted as the soap finally addressed a major Abi Branning question [BBC] EastEnders viewers were recently stunned as Abi and Lauren Branning fell from the Queen Vic roof after trying to coax down dad Max Branning. As a result, Abi Branning was left brain stem dead with

EastEnders: Who gets shot as heist ends in a shooting?

EastEnders: Aidan Maguire's robbery heist could bring more violence and bloodshed[BBC]  EastEnders has seen its fair share of tragedy recently, after Lauren and Abi Branning fell off the roof of The Queen Vic, leaving them in critical condition in hospital.  However, it looks like there is more drama to come in Albert Square,

EastEnders legend returns from ‘dead’ in chilling trailer

EastEnders: Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell were killed off last year[BBC] EastEnders viewers were left devastated last year when sisters, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, were killed off in a dramatic episode at the start of 2017.  However, some soap watchers have come up with a shock theory after the hit BBC One soap