Union workers get the best perks at NYCHA

The New York City Housing Authority is a great place to be — if you’re a union worker.Perks for union staffers at NYCHA include guaranteed day shifts, plenty of overtime, shortened summer workdays — and even two hours of paid time each December to go holiday shopping, according to public

The soaring cost of ‘affordable housing’

Mayor de Blasio’s 10-year, $41 billion plan to create or preserve 200,000 affordable-housing units is now an $82 billion plan for 300,000: Twice the price for just 50 percent more housing. And that doesn’t reflect the true costs.To be fair, those figures include what the private sector is to spend

De Blasio under oath? We can’t wait!

This could really get interesting: Mayor de Blasio may have to testify in court about his relationship with Harendra Singh, who has pled guilty to bribing the mayor with campaign contributions in exchange for special favors.And unlike de Blasio’s press conferences (where he’s claimed total ignorance) this time he’ll have

State Senate opens probe into plan to export homeless upstate

The state Senate is opening an investigation into the de Blasio administration’s exporting of New York City homeless families to other parts of the state, The Post has learned.It was discovered last week that the city is paying a year’s rent to encourage the homeless to ditch the Big Apple’s

De Blasio, Cuomo feud shaping up to be an all-time rivalry

You can watch a lot of politics over a lot of years and never see anything like the public clash between Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio.Governors and mayors often feud, especially when they are in the same party, but this is unprecedented.Republicans Nelson Rockefeller vs. John Lindsay, Democrats Mario

City Council meets with Cuomo over NYCHA — without de Blasio

About a dozen City Council members met in Albany Tuesday with Gov. Andrew Cuomo about the crisis in public housing — with Mayor Bill de Blasio nowhere to be seen.“The City Council wants to work with the legislature and the governor to achieve results,” said Council Speaker Corey Johnson.More On:nychaDe

Property taxes & the ‘two New Yorks’

Money doesn’t grow on trees. In New York City, it grows on houses.At least that’s what City Hall seems to believe, with its consistent, steep increase of the property-tax levy — the amount of money our mayor and City Council have sought from property owners to pay for the city’s

Parents up in arms after NYPD removes cops from schools

The last NYPD cops assigned full-time to New York City public schools are being moved out — despite nationwide calls for heightened security in the wake of last month’s Florida shootings.As the nation mourned the 17 victims of the school massacre at Parkland, Fla., the NYPD was removing Sgt. Raul

De Blasio: I’m not involved in possible Cynthia Nixon run

AUSTIN, Texas — Mayor de Blasio insisted Sunday that he is not pushing actress-pal Cynthia Nixon to run against his rival, Gov. Cuomo.“I’m not involved, I don’t know what she is going to do,” de Blasio — who is on a junket to Austin, Washington, DC, and Baltimore — said

De Blasio’s new schools chancellor pick already facing first controversy

Mayor de Blasio’s second pick for schools chancellor sank a subordinate’s career after she scolded him for flirting with a woman other than his wife, according to a 2015 San Francisco Supreme Court filing.Teacher Veronica Chavez also accused New York’s new incoming Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza of promoting men during

Kids caught in the de Blasio-Cuomo crossfire

Yes, Gov. Cuomo faces big budget woes this year, and yes, he’s at war with Mayor de Blasio. But those are poor excuses to slash funding that will put vulnerable kids in the city at even greater risk.Administration for Children’s Services chief David Hansell warns that Cuomo’s budget caps state

New York City deserves design-built power

Design-build is a proven way to save big on major public-construction projects — so it’s just nuts for the state to deny the city the right to use it.Under DB, an agency can put both design and construction of a given project up for bid in a single contract, instead

Officials say NYC is illegally shipping homeless families upstate

The de Blasio Administration is illegally shipping homeless families off to unsuspecting, upstate towns with a year of free rent — forcing those municipalities to pick up the rest of their living expenses, Broome County officials said Thursday.At least five families have been sent to Broome in recent months, and

De Blasio uses gun violence forum to showcase his wife — again

A town hall on gun violence that was billed as a forum to let students speak their minds turned awkward on Thursday when Mayor de Blasio insisted students answer his wife Chirlane McCray’s question on mental health services.The mayor even interrupted one teen who wanted to discuss how he feels

De Blasio’s bizarre call for easier nepotism

Wow: Mayor de Blasio actually thinks it’s an outrage that First Lady Chirlane McCray doesn’t get paid, and that anti-nepotism laws are sexist.Really.At a press conference on crime stats, of all things, the mayor mused: “I find it strange that she’s not allowed compensation” for all the city-government work he’s

Cuomo will issue emergency declaration to fix NYCHA

Gov. Cuomo announced Wednesday night that he would issue an emergency declaration to expedite repairs at New York City Housing Authority buildings.“NYCHA is in a crisis, and I stand with the residents on this,” Cuomo said on NY1’s ‘Inside City Hall.’ “To be subjected to mold and lead poisoning? …

Judge issues temporary halt to closure of teen Rikers facility

A Bronx judge has issued a temporary order halting the closure of a Rikers Island facility that houses some 100 teenagers.Mayor Bill de Blasio filed suit Monday to block shuttering multiple housing units within the Robert N. Davenport Center. The lawsuit followed a letter from the Cuomo administration last week to

De Blasio sues to block Cuomo from closing Rikers facility

Mayor de Blasio is suing to block a Cuomo administration order that would force the closure of a jail facility on Rikers Island that houses nearly 400 inmates — including 100 teenagers.The city lawsuit, filed in Bronx Supreme Court Tuesday, came in response to a letter sent last week by

Meet NYC’s new lobbying queen

New York City has a new lobbying queen, but the rest of the influence-peddling industry is hardly suffering in a City Hall where the well-connected hold sway.Indeed, the annual report from the City Clerk’s office shows that compensation reported by those seeking de Blasio administration favors for their clients hit

Wish the new schools chancellor success

Here’s hoping that Richard Carranza is a smashing success as city schools chancellor — and that Mayor de Blasio gives him the freedom to bring the “system change” that First Lady Chirlane McCray says Carranza wants. We were happy to see Carranza hold out an olive branch to charter schools in

Is Chirlane McCray the co-mayor of New York?

This could be the most powerful unpaid internship in New York City.First Lady Chirlane McCray has taken on a co-governing role in City Hall with her husband, Mayor de Blasio, that appears to have surpassed even that of his top deputy.The unprecedented, unsalaried and by all accounts unofficial advisory post

Public advocate blasts Education Department for closing Renewal schools

Public Advocate Letitia James ripped Mayor de Blasio’s cash-guzzling Renewal school program Tuesday at a City Council hearing on the $582 million initiative. “The Renewal schools program was announced with great fanfare in November of 2014,” James told the panel’s education committee. “And three and a half years and

De Blasio headed to Atlanta convention on taxpayer dime

Mayor de Blasio and three aides will be jetting to Atlanta for 24 hours on Friday to attend a retail workers national convention — with taxpayers footing the bill. In addition to addressing an expected 400 members of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union on Saturday, Hizzoner is