These Body-Positive Quotes From 15 Models Will Make You Say, "F*ck Yes" Models may be photographed for a living, but at the end of the day, we're all humans who struggle with insecurities. What's more is that the world is slowly but surely catching onto the fact that beauty is not a one-size-fits-all kind of a thing and confidence comes in many

7 Curve Bloggers Who Will Inspire You to Live Your Best Life in 2018

The average American woman is a size 16, according to a 2016 study published in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education. And data suggest that 67 percent of American women wear size 14-plus. Fortunately, the fashion industry is way more inclusive than it was even just a

Adidas Model Says She Received Rape Threats For Showing Leg Hair

People committing to squashing societal norms surrounding body issues like female body hair often receive their rightful praise. But they also become vulnerable to hateful rhetoric. That’s reportedly the case for Swedish model and artist Arvida Byström, who stars in a new campaign for Adidas Originals. In a photoshoot posted to Instagram and Youtube

14 Stunning Curve Models Who’ll Have You Clapping Your Damn Hands in 2018 Body diversity is finally being celebrated in the modeling industry, and we're all for it. Designers are giving people what they want by including more curve models in their shows and campaigns. From OG curve models like Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine to newbies like Iskra Lawrence and Emma Sanders,

Honestly, The Term ‘Body Positive’ Lost Its Meaning A Long Time Ago

Four years ago, Ashley Graham hadn’t yet landed her history-making Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. Aerie hadn’t yet made it a trend to ditch Photoshop in its campaign imagery. Fashion, and the people who define it, seemed limited to the celebration of one body type: thin. It was also the time I, a person who

Bella And Gigi Hadid’s Model Cousin Is A Body Positive Badass

There’s no arguing that sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are two of the hardest-working models in the business right now. There’s also no arguing that beauty runs in the entire family. Just look at them with mom Yolanda and brother Anwar. That beautiful family also includes their Dutch cousin, Joann van den Herik.

Two Of The Biggest Forces In Fashion Just Banned Ultra-Thin Models

High fashion is becoming a less destructive, slightly healthier industry in which to work, thanks to two of its most powerful conglomerates. Together, LVMH and Kering own nearly every high fashion brand you’ve ever heard of. They have teamed up to create a charter on, according to a release, “working relations with

Amy Schumer Says It’s Other People Who Need To Accept Her Body, Not Her

It seems like everyone has way too much to say about Amy Schumer’s body ― except, refreshingly, Schumer herself.  Perhaps that’s why the topics of body image and self-love took up much of the “Snatched” star’s recent interview with Refinery29. With her trademark confidence, Schumer addressed her recent InStyle swimsuit cover

Here’s A ‘Fat Girl Summer Dress Code’ You’ll Want To Follow

If you’ve ever stood in front of your closet, wondering what is and is not appropriate to wear in summer based on your body type, stop what you’re doing and watch this very informative video.  YouTuber" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Loey Lane shares what she calls her “Fat Girl Summer Dress Code,” a

Two Of The First Plus-Size Bloggers Just Launched A New Clothing Line

If you can’t get fashion to work for you, make it work yourself. Just ask OG plus-size bloggers, social media influencers and best friends Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg. The two former fashion editors launched a project Tuesday they’ve been working on for" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">years: A fashionable, affordable clothing line

Danielle Brooks Just Made Women Everywhere Feel Better About Stretch Marks

Like any of us, Danielle Brooks sometimes has a hard time accepting her stretch marks. But she doesn’t let them define her.  The “Orange Is The New Black” actress recently opened up about her stretch marks for People magazine’s 2017 Most Beautiful Woman issue.  “Sometimes I’ll look at myself and be

The Best Places To Buy Plus-Size Jewelry On The Internet

It can be difficult these days to find fashionable clothing above a size 12, but it’s even more of a struggle to find plus-size accessories. Universal Standard, a direct-to-consumer brand that recently made headlines for its free size-replacement program, released a limited-edition collection of gorgeous jewelry in extended sizes Thursday.

Plus-Size Blogger Explains Why We Need More Underwear Selfies

You may not think of underwear selfies as being necessarily empowering. But  It’s easy to write off a revealing photo like this one as attention grabbing, but Grimes doesn’t see it that way, especially when the people sharing the photos represent diverse body types. “There’s something magical about a fat

This Model’s Cellulite Photo Will Inspire You To Take Your Own

Body Positive Hero is a series that celebrates the people who make the fashion industry ― and the world ― a more inclusive, body-positive place. Model Howard posted the photo and its accompany message on Monday, even though she said it scared her. She explained that between the women

15-Year-Old Takes Topshop To Task Over Its Severely Thin Mannequins

Topshop appears to have a bit of amnesia when it comes to promoting a healthier body image.  The brand is being called to task once again for using dangerously thin-looking mannequins ― this time, by a 15-year-old.  Mom Zoë Mason shared an image taken by her daughter at a Topshop in Hereford, England on