PM makes it clear there’s no going back on Brexit – in GERMAN

THE PM burst into German yesterday to spell out that Britain will not row back on Brexit. Theresa May switched tongues under interrogation from a Berlin journalist. After being asked if there would be a second referendum, she told Bild report Tanit Koch: “Wir verlassen die EU, aber nicht Europa.” This

It’s too late for the EU to change voters minds on Brexit

WHICH of the EU’s many contradictory faces are we supposed to trust? The tough-guy routine of negotiator Michel Barnier? The sneering of full-time troll Guy Verhofstadt? The needy pleading of President Donald Tusk? If it’s the latter, they’re too late. A little generosity in 2016 when David Cameron tried to

Luxembourg and Sweden both want EU to cut us a good Brexit trade deal

TWO more EU countries have backed calls for a trade deal with Britain. Luxembourg and Sweden have joined Spain and the Netherlands in wanting a post-Brexit agreement which includes both goods and services. Italy, Poland, Hungary and the Republic of Ireland have also spoken in favour of such a treaty. Germany