Hero firefighter who saved lives on 9/11 becomes its latest victim

A ferry captain-turned-firefighter who saved hundreds of people during 9/11 has died. New York fire officer Thomas Phelan was just 45 when he died of cancer, which was believed to be linked to his exposure to the toxic fumes swirling around Ground Zero. The unsung hero of 9/11 was working as a

Hollyoak’s Sienna tells shocking lie over cancer fears

Things are going from bad to worse for Sienna - but she takes things to another level in tonight's episode of Hollyoaks. Last night viewers saw her trying to convince others, including Joel, that an intruder broke into her house. He leaves the house and she is obsessed that someone who texted

‘I milked my husband’s death for all it was worth’

I’ll always remember a conversation I had with my mom shortly after my husband died, leaving me widowed at the age of 23.“To me, you’re done,” she said. “If you do nothing else with your life this is enough for me.”She had seen me nurse a cancer patient to his