Conspiracy theorists claim American ’bomb cyclone’ was caused by secret government ’weather weapon’ tests gone wrong

CONSPIRACY theorists have blamed the deluge of snow and ice that has battered America's east on secret government weapons testing going wrong. The extreme temperatures, dubbed a "bomb cyclone", has sparked speculation that it was caused by secretive experiments to change the weather using silver iodide bombs. Here's your #bombcyclone Weather Modification

Computer ‘geek’, 24, who cost British Airways £100k and caused mass delays after hacking airline’s website smirks outside court as he’s spared jail

Paul Dixon was tracked down after boasting about his crime on Twitter Paul Dixon, 24, of County Durham was tracked down after boasting about his crime on Twitter. Computer geek Paul Dixon smirks outside court He also admitted hacking police websites before bragging to fellow geeks online. The unemployed defendant, described by