8 ways Spencer and Heidi Pratt squandered their $10 million fortune

If Spencer and Heidi Pratt are to be believed, they needed the rumoured $700,000 they got to appear in Celebrity Big Brother 2017, since they were totally broke. Not only were they living rent-free in Spencer's father's Santa Barbara guest house for years, but Spencer's parents even did their weekly supermarket

Celebrity Big Brother: Ann Widdecombe has a secret room

Celebrity Big Brother: Ann Widdecombe was reportedly given her own private bathroom [Channel 5] Ann Widdecombe reportedly asked for separate facilities because she didn't want anyone to see her undress during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother compound. Whilst the rest of the housemates shared the main bathroom, it has

Celebrity Big Brother: John Barnes leaves backdoor eviction

Celebrity Big Brother: John Barnes left in the BRUTAL backdoor eviction [Channel 5] On Sunday's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, it was revealed that Dapper Laughs, John Barnes, Ann Widdecombe and Amanda Barrie had been nominated. In a cruel twist, the Channel 5 show made the girls and boys decide in teams which two housemates

When is the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 final?

When is the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 final? The final of Celebrity Big Brother will take place on February 2 [Channel 5] The show, which launched on January 2, started off with an all female line up to mark a hundred years since women won the right to vote. But

Celebrity Big Brother fans urge Channel 5 to drop drones

Celebrity Big Brother fans are not impressed with the use of drones on the show [WENN] Celebrity Big Brother fans have noticed that the episodes have featured a lot of drone shots since launch night. Throughout the episodes on Channel 5, drone sequences appear – with a camera attached filming

Celebrity Big Brother: Amanda Barrie’s real name REVEALED

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 has kicked off [Picselect] Celebrity Big Brother kicked off on Tuesday 2 Jan with its latest star-studded line-up. Entering the Elstree Studio this year is Amanda Barrie, Ann Widdecombe, Ashley James, India Willoughby, Jess Impiazzi, Maggie Oliver, Malika Haqq and Rachel Johnson.  However, during Amanda's entrance into the new all-female house, presenter

Why is Maggie Oliver famous? Celebrity Big Brother fans applaud her work

Maggie Oliver entered the Big Brother house, and is known for her role in raising awareness about the Rochdale grooming scandal [Wenn/ Channel 5] Celebrity Big Brother 2018 saw Maggie Oliver enter the Channel 5 house, alongside stars such as Ashley James, Jess Impiazzi and Ann Widdecombe.  Many viewers were initially

CBB launch moments you missed including Emma Willis’ big confession

Emma Willis was the star of the show in her bright pink jacket [Getty] Emma Willis and her fabulous pink coat kicked off Celebrity Big Brother for another year on Channel 5. Introducing the all female line up, which included celebrities Ashley James, Malika Haqq and India Willoughby, the reality show had a

Celebrity Big Brother: Gogglebox’s Sandra Martin confirmed

Celebrity Big Brother third housemate revealed? Gogglebox's Sandra Martin confirmed: Sandra Martin is believed to have confirmed her place on Celebrity Big Brother [ITV] Amid the speculation about which women were going to appear on the show when the doors open on January, the TV star revealed how excited

When is Neighbours returning to Channel 5?

When is Neighbours returning to Channel 5?: Tyler Brennan was seen handing himself into the police for killing Hamish Roche [Channel 5] After realising that he was responsible after hitting his biological dad over the head with a garden gnome, Tyler handed himself into the police. But viewers of Neighbours